Watching Senators Stress About Whether Or Not They Should Share Cardi B’s Government Shutdown Video Is Top Notch Entertainment 😂

Cardi B’s video about the government shutdown has everyone talking, including senators from Hawaii, Connecticut, and New York. The current government shutdown is officially the longest in U.S. history and its causing everyone to talk, including rapper Cardi B. She took a moment to get real on her Instagram about how the shutdown is affecting … Continued

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Unpaid TSA Agents Have Basically Zero F*cks Left To Give And Their Music Choices Prove It

As of Saturday, we are officially experiencing the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. With 800,000 federal employees furloughed or working without pay, all remain without paychecks to kick off 2019. The shutdown has had adverse effects on National Parks – with campgrounds overflowing with trash and human excrement, and The Food and Drug Administration … Continued

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This ‘Bird Box’ Trailer Remix Using Clips From ‘The Office’ Is Actually Creepy AF 😮

Every drama teacher has quipped at least once that comedy was really just tragedy with a happier soundtrack. We don’t know if that’s true, but Drew Boatner is certainly making a solid case for it. Drew Boatner is a photographer, public speaker and self-professed “storyteller at heart.” His work is stunning, showcasing some of the … Continued

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Mariah Carey’s Response To The 10 Year Challenge Proves That She’s A Queen And We’re Not Worthy 🙌

There’s a reason Mariah is the undisputed queen of the divas, and this week she put us on notice once again. She’s already given us one of the most iconic and versatile gifs in the history of gifdom: And now she is rewriting the rules of the latest viral trend. In fact, she killed it … Continued


It Turns Out That Yelling Random Words For Your Friends To Spell As Fast As They Can Is F*cking Hilarious 😂

Calling all Spelling Bee Champions! There’s a brand new challenge that will put your spelling skills to work. Kaylie Kindler, or @kaykayx2 on Twitter, came up with the game when she was competing at nationals with her Indiana University cheerleading squad last year. The premise was this. “randomly yell words at each other and then try … Continued

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People Can’t Get Enough Of Captain Marvel’s Cat Goose’s Purrfect Solo Poster 😻

If you’re only paying casual attention, you could be forgiven for thinking the hero of the next Marvel movie is a ginger tabby cat. That’s because Captain Marvel has a cat called Goose—and Goose has their own movie poster. The image was among 10 character posters revealed by Marvel to mark 50 days until the … Continued

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Good For You If You Knew This ‘Fact’ About Harry Potter’s Scar, But We Honestly Had No Idea 😮

Even if you’ve never read a Harry Potter book, or seen any of the movies, you’re probably familiar with Harry’s lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. References to the book series and the movies that followed, are nearly ubiquitous on the internet. Many people simply assumed this to be a simple style choice by … Continued


Forget Serena Williams—Her Daughter’s Doll Qai Qai Is Serving Everything We Need At The Australian Open 🎾

Some champions fill us with awe; others inspire. And then there’s the ones that are so G.O.A.T. everything they touch turns to gold. Even an innocuous inanimate object like, say, a basic, run-of-the-mill babydoll. By which I mean, she who needs no introduction: Qai Qai Williams-Ohanian, granddaughter to Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, … Continued


Tucker Carlson’s Graphics Just Handed Him The Most Ironic Self-Own Of 2019 Thus Far 😂

An age-old conservative tactic is accusing marginalized people of being the ones who are victimizing the accusers. On Wednesday night, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson deployed this rhetorical fallacy. However, it may have backfired thanks to an unfortunately placed graphic. Carlson decided to go through a “checklist” on what defines racism. — John Whitehouse (@existentialfish) … Continued