‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Highly Concerned For Steve Harrington After The Season 3 Trailer Drops

Season 3 of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things will debut this summer and we have just one question: What the hell is going on with Steve Harrington? The trailer for the third season dropped earlier today… one summer can change everything. #StrangerThings3 pic.twitter.com/ssGf3sOep8 — Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) March 20, 2019 There’s a moment in the trailer, however, … Continued


Devin Nunes’ Decision To File A Lawsuit Over A Parody Cow Twitter Account Just Backfired Splendidly

Republican Senator Devin Nunes of California is having a cow. He was so miffed about Twitter parodying him with accounts like @DevinCow and @DevinNunesMom, he threatened a lawsuit against the social media platform on Monday. Users are responding, “moo-hoo.” The notorious climate-change denier filed the complaint in Virginia state court and demanded that Twitter and … Continued

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College Student Wins Free Qdoba For A Year And Is Being Praised For What He Decided To Do With It

A student who won a year’s supply of Mexican food has decided to give his prize away to a local homeless shelter. Cameron Koger, a student at Kansas State University, bagged the prize of free food at restaurant chain Qdoba for a year after winning a fan contest at a college basketball game earlier this … Continued

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Firefighters Are Accusing Popular Children’s Shows ‘Peppa Pig’ And ‘Fireman Sam’ Of Sexism

Children’s TV shows Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig have been accused of sexism amid a passionate debate online. The London Fire Brigade criticized Peppa Pig for using the term “fireman” instead of “firefighter” in an episode called “The Fire Engine.” Come on @peppapig, we’ve not been firemen for 30 years. You have a huge influence … Continued

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Guy’s Tool Shed Kept Getting Mysteriously Tidied Up Every Night, So He Planted A Hidden Camera And Caught An Unlikely Culprit

British pensioner Stephen McKears had something of a mystery on his hands. Every night, as he went to bed, he would leave his tool shed the way he liked it: a little bit messy. But every morning, he awoke to the strangest sight! His tool shed would be tidyied up as if someone had come … Continued

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Someone Just Whipped Out A 36-Year-Old Coupon To Save 20 Cents, And Solidified Their Legacy As A Legend Of Couponing

Listen, times are tough out here. Most of us who aren’t part of the “Bribing people to fake photos of your kid playing polo so they can go to Stanford” class are underpaid and underemployed and you gotta save wherever you can, even if it’s just 20 cents! And one enterprising shopper recently did just … Continued

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This Viral Video Of A Person Licking An Airplane Toilet Seat Is Probably The Worst Thing Ever

Prepare.  This is the worst thing you will have seen in 2019 so far. This anonymous white person turns on (presumably) Snapchat and straight up films themselves licking an airplane toilet seat. Ready for it? Hope you didn’t have a big lunch: Girl licks the airplane toilet seat and it might be the trashiest thing … Continued


Andy Looks Like He Had His Face Done For ‘Toy Story 4’—But Fans Have Some Plausible Theories

It’s been over two decades since Woody and Buzz first captured out hearts in 1995’s Toy Story. Feeling old? The powerhouse Pixar/Disney franchise is about to take us to infinity and beyond once again with Toy Story 4, and the latest trailer is whetting our appetites in anticipation for what’s to come. The exciting preview … Continued


Woman Drops A F*ckton Of Ranch Dressing In Viral Video, And Her Coworkers Can’t Stop Laughing

It’s one thing to have an embarrassing moment at work, but it’s another thing entirely for that moment to be captured on security cameras, shared amongst your coworkers, and go viral on Twitter. Sadly, a woman who works with Twitter user @BorboaGrant had a small mishap on the job the other day: she accidentally dropped … Continued

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NYPD Officers Legit Built A Fake Wall To Pop Out From Behind In Order To Catch An Alleged Pro-Trump Graffiti Artist

The NYPD is an elite crime-fighting force that will go to any lengths to catch hardened criminals. For instance, after they received reports of a devious graffiti artist repeatedly writing #LoveTrump on the wall of a New York City subway, they knew dramatic action needed be taken. Arrested for #LoveTrump graffiti. #NYPD captures man who … Continued