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Woman Creates Lookalike Dolls With Natural Hair To Empower Black Girls To Love How They Look

Painfully self-conscious about her dark skin and frizzy hair, a woman whose botched childhood attempt to straighten her curls made them all fall out has told how she now makes afro dolls to empower little girls to love their looks. Loathing her appearance and with only sleek-haired, pale skinned dolls in the toy shops, social … Continued

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Falcon ‘Sex Hats’ Are Apparently A Real Thing If You’re Fine With Birds Humping Your Head

We all know falcon breeders have to get their hands on falcon sperm somehow—that’s kid stuff! But how exactly do they collect it? Twitter user @redfacts took the liberty of informing us all: many falconers obviously use falcon sex hats.  TRUE FACT OF THE DAY: When falcon breeders want to breed falcons, they wear special … Continued

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‘Vampire Treatments’ Are Now A Thing And The FDA Issued A Dire Warning Against Trying Them

Just when you think you’ve heard everything… Here’s a fun fact: there are currently establishments out here in these streets offering “vampire treatments” wherein they give paying customers a transfusion of “young blood” to cure ailments like dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), despite there being not one shred of evidence that … Continued


The Woman Who Snuck By Kirsten Gillibrand At Her Campaign Event To ‘Get Some Ranch’ Is Honestly All Of Us

In the midst of all the excitement leading up to the 2020 election, sometimes we just want some ranch. For one Iowan woman, nobody, not even Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D – NY), was going to come between her and a helping of ranch dressing. Gillibrand, who announced her exploratory committee for a potential candidacy to … Continued

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Someone Created A Legit Kickstarter To Digitally Remove The Rat From The End Of ‘The Departed’

For those of us who haven’t seen Martin Scorsese’s 2006 film, The Departed has quite a memorable ending. The entire movie, which is about mob bosses trying to track down a RAT (informant) from within their ranks, ends with a RAT (rodent) running across the screen. Wow! Adam Sacks has always had a problem with this … Continued

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This Brilliant Cat Who Literally Unlocked A Door For His Owner Is Probably Smarter Than Most People

Cats! They’re furry, they’re cute, they mostly lay around rejecting your affection and possibly plotting your death! Good ol’ cats! Dogs, on the other hand, can’t live without your affection, and can be trained to do cute things like literally saving lives and stuff! So, Cats: 0, Dogs: Infinity Million right? Well that’s just exactly the … Continued

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Stephen Colbert Just Gave Bernie Sanders The Ultimate Burn Over His Tone-Deaf Diversity Comments

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced on Tuesday, February 19th, that he would be mounting his second Presidential bid in 2020. This next election’s Democratic primary field will be a particularly competitive one, featuring a record number of women and diverse candidates. Despite being one of America’s most popular politicians, Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but poke fun at Sander’s … Continued


This Genius Colorado Girl Scout Just Combined Two Things We Can’t Get Enough Of: Jason Momoa Thirst Trap Pics And Cookies

Listen, we don’t know what’s going on in Colorado – but the girl scouts there are nothing short of business geniuses. Last year they got the rules changed so that girl scouts would be allowed to sell their cookies in front of cannabis dispensaries. Yes, sales have been as fantastic as you’d expect. Now, a … Continued

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If You Went To The Grand Canyon In The Last 20 Years, There’s A Good Chance You Were Exposed To A F**kton Of Uranium

The Grand Canyon is known for many things: its natural splendor; the awe inspiring vistas; a perfect melding of man and nature; the uranium ore in the museum. …wait, what was that last one? Buckets filled with uranium just casually sitting next to an exhibit in a museum!!! (“One of the buckets was so full that … Continued


People Are Calling Out A Billy Ray Cyrus Tweet For Basically Being ‘White Privilege’ Incarnate

Cannabis has been gaining steam on its way towards widespread decriminalization. As more states begin permitting it for medical and even recreational use, business opportunities have arisen for those willing to support the plant. Especially among white people. Like, really white people. It’s Billy Ray Cyrus y’all. Yes! Like I said yesterday @TishCyrus…. my how … Continued