Kamala Harris Responds To Maya Rudolph’s ‘SNL’ Impression Of Her With A Joke Of Her Own

On September 28, Saturday Night Live returned for its 45th season. As expected, they didn’t hold back on any of the politicians currently embroiled in the 2020 Presidential race. Fans were especially taken with one particular impression. Maya Rudolph’s guest appearance as California Senator Kamala Harris took Twitter by storm as soon as it debuted. … Continued

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Chelsea Clinton Turns Trump’s Own Words Against Him After He Rage Tweets About Impeachment Investigation

Say what you will about her Mom and Dad, but Chelsea Clinton does NOT play! And this week, she expertly and thoroughly burned the President to a crisp, using no kindling but his own tweet. You may have heard that our President is currently embroiled in his biggest scandal yet, an official impeachment inquiry resulting … Continued


Jonathan Van Ness Adorably Freaks All The Way Out During Phone Call With Elizabeth Warren

Momentum has continued to gain for Senator Elizabeth Warren as she moves forward in the polls towards the Democratic convention. Along the way, she’s picked up some key endorsements, including one from the Working Families Party, who endorsed her friendly competitor Bernie Sanders in 2016. But Senator Warren recently received one supporter that will be … Continued

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Greta Thunberg Lays Down Some Cold, Hard Truth About The ‘Haters’ Attacking Her With Powerful Twitter Thread

Sixteen-year-old Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg is many things—brilliant, passionate, brave. But one thing she is emphatically not is willing to be used as a prop by right-wing ideologues. In short, do not mess with Greta Thunberg! In the wake of her blistering speech at the United Nations earlier this week, Thunberg has been subject to … Continued


Bernie Sanders Roasts His Own Fashion Choices After Supporter Says It Looks Like He’s Wearing ‘About $250 Worth Of JCPenney’

Bernie Sanders means many things to many people, but very few regard him as a fashion icon. In fact, with his disheveled hair and loose-fitting shirts, one might say Bernie’s success has come IN SPITE of his typical disregard for fashion. But to his closest supporters, it’s just one more thing to love about him. … Continued

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Trump Mocks Mitt Romney For Losing To Obama After Romney Criticizes Ukraine Call

Following reports that President Trump may have withheld financial aid from Ukraine unless they agreed to investigate Joe Biden’s son’s business ties in the country, Utah Senator Mitt Romney was one of the few Republicans to speak out with concern. In reference to the whistleblower report from an intelligence official that was on a call … Continued

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Couple Dragged For Having ‘Worst Gender Reveal’ After Throwing Watermelon Into Hippo’s Mouth

Gender reveal parties are already kind of the worst. We could argue that gender is a societal construct not limited to functioning in line with biological sex. We could argue that biological sex and gender both exist on spectrums far more complicated than pink or blue. We could, but we’re not going to. Instead, we’re going … Continued


Natasha Lyonne Just Gave Nicole Kidman’s Oscars Clap A Run For Its Money With Her Own Awkward Emmys Version

Do we all remember Nicole Kidman’s awkward Oscars clap? It was the thing of meme beauty and went viral almost as soon as it hit the airwaves. For those who don’t remember, here is a reminder: It looks like she has never given a round of applause before.  At one point, she actually appears to … Continued

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Teen Girls On TikTok Are Tricking Guys Into Thinking That They Eat Their Used Tampons To ‘Reabsorb The Blood They Lost’

When it comes to the menstrual cycle of girls, some teenage boys are completely in the dark and are being led to believe teen girls eat their used tampons out of necessity. The latest WTF entry on the internet is a hoax started by Caroline Majcher, a brilliant 18-year-old from Toronto, who targeted gullible guys … Continued