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Don Trump Jr. Just Landed A Book Deal, And Twitter Is Roasting Him Hard With Fake Titles

Everyone has a story to tell — even Donald Trump Jr. Just don’t go looking for his published work in the funnies because that’s not the genre he’s going for. The president’s eldest child just inked a book deal with Center Street Books, and according to Politico, “publisher Rolf Zettersten and Center Street editorial director … Continued


When Isaac Hempstead Wright Read The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Script, He Literally Thought He Was Being Punk’d

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS ABOUT THE FINALE OF GAME OF THRONES SO TURN BACK NOW! If you were surprised by the way Game of Thrones ended, you’re certainly not alone. Most fans did not see Bran ascending the Iron Throne, with reactions ranging from full-on rage to a thousand variations of “lolwut?” The writers choosing Bran … Continued


Jason Momoa Livestreamed His Reaction To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale—And Let’s Just Say He Was PISSED

Did you hate the way Game of Thrones ended? We know literally thousands of people did. The end upset so many people that there’s actually a petition going around to have it re-written. It won’t get anywhere, but it makes people feel better being able to air their grievances. People are pretty annoyed with a … Continued


Sophie Turner Has Zero Time For That ‘Disrespectful’ Fan Petition To Remake The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

Passionate Game of Thrones fans were so upset over the turn of events in the penultimate episode and the series finale that many sounded off on social media immediately after the credits rolled. Unforgiving audiences who felt the writing on the last season was rushed demanded a rewrite with “competent writers.” Angry GAME OF THRONES … Continued


Twitter Is Dragging A ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Hard After He Said He Was Already ‘Falling In Love’ In Episode Two In Episode Two

Well, it wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without a weirdo try-hard or two, and this season is proving no exception. We’re only two episodes deep, but that hasn’t stopped good ol’ Southern boy Luke P. from doing the absolute most. In fact, doing too much. Way too much. Like professing his actual love for Bachelorette Hannah. ON EPISODE TWO. … Continued


Jake Paul Tried To Slam A Fellow YouTuber For Being A ‘Cyberbully’, And It Blew Up Right In His Face

To paraphrase Jane Austen, it is a truth universally acknowledged that the Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, are huge internet trolls and career jerks. Jake Paul, the younger brother, who has “built a career out of peddling merch to children and being loud on the internet” decided he’d had enough and took a “stand” against … Continued


Maisie Williams Asked Twitter For Their Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ Memes—And Twitter Was Like ‘Hold My Beer’

At this point, it’s pretty much universally true that the only good thing about the internet is memes. (Well, that and animal videos.) They’ve become our lifeblood, the thing that allows us to stare into the abyss our world has begun and be like “LOL SCREAMING SKSKSKSKS!” instead of, you know, just actually screaming. And it … Continued


John Oliver Just Dragged Meghan McCain And Her Husband Hard Over That Whole Seth Meyers Debacle

Whether or not they’re fans of his show (and most of them probably are), John Oliver stands up for his fellow late-night hosts. During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meghan McCain was asked by the host about her remarks about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. McCain’s defensiveness led to a very uncomfortable, awkward … Continued

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This Viral Photo Of An Actual Alligator Chilling On An Inflatable Alligator In Someone’s Pool Is So Florida It Hurts

Florida Man strikes again. Or is it Florida Alligator? Basically, I think if Florida could be summed up in one phrase, it would be: “Hold my beer!” In a truly bizarre event that could only be described as peak Florida, a Georgia family vacationing in South Miami looked out the window of their Airbnb to … Continued