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Amelia Christnot is an Oglala Lakota, Kanien'kehá:ka and Metis Navy brat who settled in the wilds of Northern Maine. She considers herself another proud Maineiac. Her picture is from 1984 for purely Orwellian reasons.

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Mother Who Used To Eat Seven Candy Bars A Day Completely Transforms After Losing Over 100 Lbs

An obese woman who was so addicted to Dairy Milk bars that she scoffed  SEVEN a day for eight years—even eating them secretly in the bath—feels like a “yummy mummy” after losing 112 pounds and becoming a weight loss consultant. A size 22, weighing 257 pounds at her worst, 5ft 5ins Laura Sayers splurged a … Continued


Mark Hamill Teams Up With Bionic Limb Company To Deliver Powerful Message To Kids With Limb Differences ❤️

Hollywood star Mark Hamill teamed up with a British bionics company to send a positive message to children and adults with limb differences around the world. The actor, whose Star Wars character Luke Skywalker lost a hand in an epic lightsaber battle with nemesis Darth Vader, shared the message on social media on Monday. The … Continued

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Mother-Of-Two Experiences Such Terrifying Sleep Paralysis, She’s Afraid To Go To Bed

A mother of two described a terrifying condition that sees her jolted from sleep, only to be tormented by disturbing hallucinations and visions of “an evil presence” which she cannot escape, as her body remains completely paralyzed. Plagued by the extreme night terrors—known as sleep paralysis—for 17 years of her life, Sarah Spence, 36, slept … Continued

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Lonely Book Finally Sells After 27 Years On The Shelf—And The Responses Have Us Feeling Very Emotional 😭

A single tweet about a book that took 27 years to sell prompted one of the most wholesome Twitter conversations of all time. Broadhursts Bookshop, an indie bookshop in Southport, England, kicked things off with the following post, explaining that a book in stock since May 1991 had finally sold. I have just sold a … Continued

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The Winners of the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Have Been Announced 😍

A picture of a shocked looking squirrel has been declared the funniest animal picture of the year. The image, called “Caught In The Act”, was taken by Mary McGowan. On Friday it was named the overall winner at the 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. Winner announced!!! The 2018 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year is… … Continued

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The ‘Dog Cheese’ Challenge Is Going Viral As The Most Adorable Snack Game Ever

Social media challenges are often bizarre. But the newest craze that’s making its rounds on the internet turns out to be delicious, too. YouTuber Matthew Elias from Ontario, Canada, came up with the hilarious challenge that involves throwing a piece of cheese on your unsuspecting pet and hoping it sticks. Posting the results of the … Continued

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Enterprising Student Is Financing Her College Education By Making Viral ASMR Videos 😮

A performing arts student has revealed how she earns over $75,000 a year, helping to cure anxiety and depression by WHISPERING. Sophie Michelle, 21, of Chester, Cheshire, England, is causing a sensation on YouTube, where one of her videos, designed to induce feelings of ASMR—relaxing and sometimes sleep-inducing tingles running down the back of the … Continued

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Bot Reveals The Least Used Emojis—And People Are Showing Their Support In Creative And Amusing Ways ❤️

Everybody has a favorite emoji, from the thumbs up 👍 to the humble avocado 🥑, but a war is now being waged on Twitter to support the two least-used emoji of all. A Twitter bot named Least Used Emoji Bot is aiming to inform the masses about the most niche and under-used emoji on the keyboard, … Continued

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Police Help Man Stage His Own Gruesome Murder Photos After Wife Hires Hitman To Kill Him

A boxing coach has released dramatic photographs of his ‘blood-stained corpse,’ after staging his own murder with the help of police—to prove his wife had hired a hitman to kill him. Ramon Sosa, 50, joined forces with detectives to gather evidence that his wife, Maria ‘Lulu’ Sosa, was offering $2,000 to have him killed. Former … Continued

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Woman Celebrates Divorce By Blowing Up Her Wedding Dress—And It Could Be Felt 15 Miles Away 😮

A woman celebrated her new single status in explosive fashion—by blowing up her wedding dress at her divorce party. Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler held a celebration with family and friends on Saturday night to mark the end of her 14-year marriage. And the centerpiece of the event in La Coste, Texas, saw her loading up her wedding … Continued


Happily Married ‘Ex Coach’ Earns Thousands By Helping People Win Back Their Exes

A relationship coach, who specializes in winning back exes for spurned lovers,  claimed he is so successful, he makes thousands of dollars each month by giving his clients a few simple pointers. Coach Lee, aka Lee Wilson, 38, of Nashville, Tennessee, advises around  4,000 lovelorn people each year, charging $87 for each half-hour session and … Continued