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Amelia Christnot is an Oglala Lakota, Kanien'kehá:ka and Metis Navy brat who settled in the wilds of Northern Maine. She considers herself another proud Maineiac. Her picture is from 1984 for purely Orwellian reasons.

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The Scoop

Exposing Swiss Cheese To Hip-Hop Music Could Make It Taste Better

Exposing Swiss cheese to hip-hop music could make it taste better, according to new research. Researchers placed eight wheels of Emmental in wooden crates and exposed them for more than six months to round-the-clock music or sounds, ranging from Mozart to Led Zeppelin to A Tribe Called Quest, as part of a project called Cheese … Continued

They Tried It

Conservative Politician Gets Trolled Hard After Suggesting That All Knives Should Be Fitted With GPS

MP Scott Mann has been mocked online after he suggested fitting all knives sold in the UK with GPS tracking to help cut down violent crime. The Conservative, who represents North Cornwall, wrote on Twitter: “Every knife sold in the UK should have a GPS tracker fitted in the handle. It’s time we had a … Continued

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Woman Describes The Frightening ‘Real-Life Jaws’ Moment When A Massive Shark Sank Its Teeth Into Her Companion

A math professor has described her “real-life Jaws” moment when a 12 foot shark sank its teeth into her companion’s wrist, sending a geyser of blood exploding through the sea, as he swam just feet away from her. Likening the carnivorous predators to “curious puppies,” despite witnessing the terrifying shark attack – which severed the … Continued

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Children And Teachers Are Getting All Decked Out As Their Favorite Literary Characters For World Book Day

Children and teachers across the United Kingdom today celebrated the magic of literature as they donned costumes to mark World Book Day. Characters from fictional favorites including Roald Dahl’s Matilda and David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny could be seen alongside Disney princesses and Marvel action heroes as schools marked the annual tradition, which today celebrates its … Continued

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Woman Shares The Incredibly Touching Reason Why This Shirt Is Hanging Up At Company In Pennsylvania

A company is honoring a long-term employee 10 years after his death by keeping his shirt hanging up. When Freddie, a metal finisher for York Corrugating in Pennsylvania, died aged 56 after working at the company for 30 years, his colleagues decided to leave his shirt on its hook where it remains. His niece, Kylie, … Continued

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This Proud Mom Is Rocking Her New Bod After Life Altering 137 Pound Weight Loss

Alexandra Symons of Queensland, Australia spent most of her life yo-yo dieting. She would lose 110 pounds only to gain it all back. But after her son Hudson was born, Symons wanted to enjoy swimming and the beach with him. However her insecurity about her appearance held her back. She explained to NEWS.com.au: “I wanted … Continued


Three Women Who Forged a Bond Over Shared Health Issues Arrange an Empowering Photoshoot

Radiating confidence, three stunning young women pose in their underwear after bonding on social media led to them daring to bare their stoma bags. All suffering with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) since their mid-teens, Sarah Anderson, 25, of Aberdeen, Scotland, Beth Gallagher, 24, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and Lydia Andrew, 23, of Nottingham, in the … Continued

The Scoop

New ‘Bodyguard Bunny’ Meme Makes Us Wish We Had One In Real Life

If you’re a regular on Twitter, you’ll know that memes made out of punctuation marks have taken off in recent years, and the latest to sweep the website is a big, buff bunny rabbit protecting a little friend. Made from keyboard characters, this bunny vows to protect you from everything, including rude customers at work, … Continued


Artist Turns To The Internet After Losing ‘Irreplaceable’ Trump Wig

An award-winning artist is appealing for help after claiming she lost a one-of-a-kind Donald Trump wig she says is worth almost $20,000 and took 15 hairstylists months to make. Alison Jackson, who photographs lookalikes of famous people in compromising situations as a commentary on celebrity culture, made the appeal on her Instagram account on Tuesday … Continued

The Scoop

Modern-Day Witch Claims She ‘Cosmically Ordered’ A Man Who Was The ‘Equal’ Of Tom Hiddleston To Match With Her On Tinder

A modern-day witch, who “cosmically ordered” her boyfriend, cementing their relationship with a magic spell, claims her occult powers ensured her new man was the equal of Night Manager star Tom Hiddleston. Just two weeks after using her witchy wiles to find the perfect man,  children’s nanny Kate Goth, 30, of Totnes, Devon,  told how … Continued

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This Uber Driver’s ‘Conversation Menu’ For His Passengers Is Pure Genius

An Uber driver in Seattle, Washington has received praise on Twitter for supplying passengers with a “conversation menu” to tailor their ride to their mood. The menu offers conversational styles including a joke-filled trip, a “rude” ride, a ride with no talking whatsoever, a “therapy” trip for those with a lot on their mind and … Continued