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Amelia Christnot is an Oglala Lakota, Kanien'kehá:ka and Metis Navy brat who settled in the wilds of Northern Maine. She considers herself another proud Maineiac. Her picture is from 1984 for purely Orwellian reasons.

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College Student Suffers From Rare Condition That Makes Her Sweat So Much Her Clothes Literally Freeze During The Winter

A student who dubs herself the ‘Sweat Bender’ has revealed how she dreads cold winters as a rare condition causing her to perspire profusely means her damp, sweaty clothes freeze while she is wearing them. Sophie Dwyer, 20, suffers from a severe form of hyperhidrosis, a disorder with no known cause affecting one in every … Continued

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Farmer Goes All Out With Impressive Marriage Proposal That Can Be Seen From Space

A farmer in Australia has set a high bar for wedding proposals ahead of Valentine’s Day by asking the big question in 230 foot high letters carved into a field of wheat. Brendan Boyd, a 24-year-old from Babakin in Western Australia, asked his girlfriend of three years to marry him in a message taking up … Continued

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Woman Who Lost Her Husband 48 Days After They Were Wed Gets An Unexpected Gift From Him

A bride who was wed and widowed in just 48 days has spoken movingly about the surprise gift she received from beyond the grave, after her husband lost his long and painful battle with cystic fibrosis, which she also has. Dying peacefully on the morning of January 23, due to complications relating to the genetic … Continued

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Police Called After Game Of Monopoly Breaks Out Into Fight

Monopoly is well known as a game that can see tensions rise—although seldom so much that the police are called out. But that’s exactly what happened after one particularly heated round of the property board game in Kansas. An overnight report tweeted by Chief Terry Ziegler of the Kansas City, Kansas Police Department shows, in … Continued

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Miami Authorities Find Mysterious ‘Sinkhole’ Only To Realize It’s Not A Sinkhole At All 😮

Police in Miami and the FBI are investigating a mysterious tunnel found under a road, which had previously been thought to be a sinkhole. The tunnel in suburban Pembroke Pines led under the road towards a Chase Bank branch, around 150 feet away. FBI spokesman Mike Leverock said officials were notified on January 29 after … Continued

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A Little Boy Got His Head Stuck In A Toilet Seat, And His Firefighter Dad Had To Come To The Rescue 😂

A firefighter was forced to put his professional skills into action at home when his son got his head stuck in a toilet seat. The two-year-old was playing with the seat at home in Bristol, England when the accident occurred. Dad Ross Pullen told the Press Association: “[My wife] turned around and he said ‘mummy, … Continued

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Woman Believed She Was ‘The Messiah’ After Awaking From Coma Due To Rare Brain Infection 😮

A council worker has relived the extraordinary moment when she awoke from a coma thinking she was “the Messiah” after a rare brain infection turned her into “a different person.” Convinced she was “a messenger from God,” despite not being religious, Evie Moore, 23, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England spent two months in hospital being treated for … Continued

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Woman Suffers From Rare Condition Where Even Lifting A Kettle Can Dislocate Her Wrist

A former high-flying insurance broker has told how she now can’t lift up a kettle—for fear of dislocating her wrist and bending it all the way back to her forearm as it pops out of its socket. Claire Simpson, now 24, from Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, England was always fit and healthy. But then, she was suddenly stuck … Continued


We Never Knew That Using ‘Really’ So Many Times In A Row Was Such A Versatile Meme 😂

The word “really” is enjoying something of a purple patch on social media, as a new meme utilizes it to a gluttonous degree. Companies, people and novelty Twitter accounts alike are using the format to get their points across, and the results are both entertaining and compelling. Here’s some ways the meme is being used… … Continued

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Single Mom Facing Crippling Debt Realizes She Can Make Bank By Charging Men To Date Her 😮

A single mum who had been struggling with mounting debt has revealed how she made almost $10,000 in a year by charging men to take her on dates. Though she worked hard in customer services, Sabrina Perez, 25, found her wage simply was not enough to cover the cost of running the home she shares … Continued

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Virginia College Employs Team Of Robots To Deliver Pizza And Doughnuts To Its Student Population 🤖

Robots are being put to good use at a university in America—delivering coffee and pizza to the students. The machines, made by Starship Technologies, deliver food from a selection of shops to students at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. According to the university, it is “the first college campus to use these new technologies”. … Continued