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They Tried It

Woman Caught On Video During Racist Rant Toward A Filipino Mother And Her Child

Racist rants seem to be captured more and more frequently these days. Recently a Southern California mother became a victim of one of these rants while stopping for coffee in Playa Vista. Belinda Panelo and her son had parked on a public street in the California neighborhood to pick up some coffee. While running their … Continued

The Scoop

No, Ivanka, The Trump Administration Is Definitely Not A ‘Driver For Science’

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently Tweeted a look-back on 2018 claiming it was “an incredible year for science and tech”. They went on to call the Trump Administration… “an active and meaningful driver for science and technology policy in America”. The bold claim included a quote by the Director … Continued

The Scoop

This Teacher Offered An ‘A+’ If A Student Could Get Katy Perry To Come To Their School, But Some People Had Concerns

A junior high and high school government teacher is under scrutiny for a special assignment he gives out to his students every year. Brian Kwan is a government teacher at Anaheim Discovery Christian School in California. For the last several years he has given out a special assignment to his students.  “Any student that can … Continued


Karl Lagerfeld Left A Massive Fortune To His Cat, And I Guess I’m Marrying A Cat Now

Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, passed away earlier this week. Lagerfeld left behind a $195 million fortune, and news has it that the money is going to his pet cat, Choupette. In the past, Lagerfeld described Choupette as an “heiress”. In 2015, the fashion icon foreshadowed the fact that he was leaving money to his … Continued


The ‘Mother F–king’ Reason Meghan Markle Loves NYC So Much Is Totally On Point

The Duchess of Sussex is #goals for so many reasons, but the latest reason has nothing to do with the fact that she can rock Stuart Weitzman stilettos while pregnant. As fierce as that is, Meghan Markle is receiving praise hands and “yass queen”s for a much different reason — why she loves New York City. … Continued


John Oliver Has Some Pretty Blunt Thoughts About The 2020 Presidential Election, And He’s Not Wrong

John Oliver recently appeared as a guest on Late Night With Seth Myers. While on the show, politics inevitably came up, and the Last Week Tonight host was brutally honest about next year’s presidential election. It was only natural they would chat about the election: Seth Myers prefaced the topic with the fact that there is a … Continued


Courteney Cox Reveals The Personal Reason She Stopped Using Fillers In Her Face

Courteney Cox has officially ditched fillers, and she’s totally owning it. The 54-year-old actress decided almost two years ago that she was “not a fan of fillers” anymore. She explained that she’s not totally alone in her sentiments. “I would say it’s a common thing you go through as you age, especially in Hollywood. You have … Continued


Miley Cyrus Just Shared Some Hilariously Candid Photos From Her Very Casual Wedding To Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are quickly approaching their two month wedding anniversary. The pair tied the knot in a surprise ceremony on December 23rd, 2018 after about 10 years of dating off and on. The wedding was famously vegan, as Miley has been vegan since 2014 — before veganism was really en vogue. It … Continued

The Scoop

Black Anchor Fired For ‘Looking Unprofessional’ After She Stopped Straightening Her Hair

An award winning news anchor from Jackson, Mississippi was fired from her job after she stopped straightening her hair. Brittany Noble-Jones was a morning news anchor for WJTV in Jackson. After giving birth to her son in October of 2016, she started to realize she wasn’t fully practicing self-love. “While I was pregnant I kept … Continued


NBA Commentator’s ‘D*ckhead’ Comment Is Accidentally Broadcast Live To The World

TNT‘s sports analyst and NBA veteran Kevin McHale recently made the ultimate live TV rookie mistake of forgetting that his microphone could be on at any point. During Tuesday’s basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, the broadcaster spoke candidly and inappropriately to his colleague after the camera came back from a … Continued


Sam Smith Opens Up About His Body Image Issues In A Beautifully Candid Instagram Post

With numerous Grammy wins for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocal Album, one would think a singer like Sam Smith has it all. However, the soulful crooner struggles deeply with body image issues, and he recently spoke out about those struggles on Instagram. Smith has previously spoken … Continued


Chris Evans’ Hilarious Response To A Less-Than-Flattering Photo Of Him Wins The Internet For Today

Chris Evans is arguably the perfect man. He is Captain America, a dog lover, and has a killer sense of humor. He also recently made his Broadway debut for which he had to grow an epic ‘stache. The look was questionable, even for the utmost Chris Evans fans out there, but he took it all … Continued