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NBA Commentator’s ‘D*ckhead’ Comment Is Accidentally Broadcast Live To The World

TNT‘s sports analyst and NBA veteran Kevin McHale recently made the ultimate live TV rookie mistake of forgetting that his microphone could be on at any point. During Tuesday’s basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers, the broadcaster spoke candidly and inappropriately to his colleague after the camera came back from a … Continued


Sam Smith Opens Up About His Body Image Issues In A Beautifully Candid Instagram Post

With numerous Grammy wins for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocal Album, one would think a singer like Sam Smith has it all. However, the soulful crooner struggles deeply with body image issues, and he recently spoke out about those struggles on Instagram. Smith has previously spoken … Continued


Chris Evans’ Hilarious Response To A Less-Than-Flattering Photo Of Him Wins The Internet For Today

Chris Evans is arguably the perfect man. He is Captain America, a dog lover, and has a killer sense of humor. He also recently made his Broadway debut for which he had to grow an epic ‘stache. The look was questionable, even for the utmost Chris Evans fans out there, but he took it all … Continued

They Tried It

Melania Trump Is Getting Trolled For Stepping Out In A Pink Coat That Looks A Lot Like A Bathrobe

Yesterday, President Trump and First Lady Melania met with Columbia’s president Ivan Duque Marquez and his wife Maria Juliana Ruiz Sandoval. In what can only be assumed to be homage to the upcoming love-themed holiday, Melania sported a garish pink coat by Fendi. Unfortunately for her, the public found it less fashion statement and more faux … Continued


Chrissy Teigen Looks Like She Could Be Selena Gomez’s Twin Sister In Throwback Photo

Chrissy Teigen is arguably one of the most entertaining people on social media. Whether she’s delivering an impassioned political speech, asking people to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets, protecting wildlife, or finding herself in precarious (and harmful) positions, there’s no doubt that Teigen’s content has a little something for everyone. One of her latest Instagram … Continued


Dakota Johnson Says Her Menstrual Cycle Is ‘Ruining Her Life’ And We Totally Get It

Dakota Johnson recently got real about her period and tbh, same girl. In an interview with InStyle‘s Victoria Moorhouse, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress was totally candid about perfumes, drug store purchases, and her menstrual cycle. For some context, Johnson and Moorhouse had been discussing what Johnson would buy at a drugstore for $30. Johnson replied: “hair … Continued

They Tried It

West Virginia Lawmaker Faces Backlash After Comparing LGBTQ People To The KKK

A blind West Virginia Republican Delegate by the name of Eric Porterfield has enraged his constituents after comparing the LGBTQ community to the KKK. On Friday, Porterfield told a reporter, “The LGBTQ is a modern-day version of the Ku Klux Klan, without wearing hoods with their antics of hate.” On Wednesday the born-again Baptist missionary … Continued


Sarah Silverman Shares Her Creepy Experience With Doctor During Mammogram

Sarah Silverman recently took to Twitter to express her disdain at her recent mammogram experience. The comedian was having her annual mammogram — a vital part of women’s health — when she encountered a wildly uncomfortable situation. Silverman told followers about how her radiologist touched her breasts with ungloved hands. Not only that, he smeared … Continued


Cardi B Gives An Educational Rant About Her Monthly Expenses For All The Haters Who Criticize Her Spending Habits

Cardi B is outspoken AF about the things that she’s passionate about. Most recently, she went on a rant to blast haters who accuse her of spending too much money, and she makes some really good points. She may rap about “Money” and “Money Bags” but that doesn’t mean she’s rolling in as much dough … Continued

The Scoop

Gucci Apologizes For Sweater That Has Been Criticized For Looking An Awful Lot Like Blackface

Gucci recently released a “wool balaclava jumper,” but due to a lack of thought put into the design, they have hastily removed it from all online and physical stores. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a balaclava is defined as, “a closely fitting covering for the head and neck, usually made from wool” The luxury brand’s garment is a black, wool sweater that covers … Continued


The Rock Claims He Was Actually The First Choice To Host The Oscars—But Nobody Can Tell If He’s Actually Joking

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just made a really bold claim, and nobody can figure out if he’s joking. A couple months have passed since Kevin Hart was shamed into backing out as the Oscars host following homophobic comments he had made in the past. Hart’s apologies have been as ambiguous as the securing of a … Continued


The Feud Between Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Is Officially Back On After Hugh’s Scathing Aviation Gin Commercial

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been feuding for awhile now, and it’s honestly one of my favorite things. Not to mention, it’s sexy AF. Recently, they called a truce to promote each other’s beverages, but let’s just say the feud is back on and it’s more fiery than ever. The rivalry began when the … Continued