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Indiana Candle Company Makes Scents Inspired By Places, And Their Candle For Ohio Is The Sickest Burn

Considering they’re called the “United” States, they sure do enjoy making fun of each other. Washington and Oregon compete to be the most hipster. States with similar ‘North’ and ‘South’ names obviously have a rivalry. Don’t get us started on Virginia and their Western neighbor. And it seems Indiana has something against their neighbor Ohio. … Continued


Cardi B Candidly Apologizes To Fans After Plastic Surgery Forced Her To Postpone Her Concerts

In May, Cardi B had to cancel several upcoming concerts. This is due to doctor’s orders for her to rest after she got plastic surgery. Last August, after the birth of her daughter, Cardi had suggested the idea that she might get liposuction. In an Instagram Live video she said, “I still feel like I … Continued


Ayesha Curry Isn’t About To Let Critics Tell Her To Practice ‘Portion Control’ With Her 10-Month-Old

Being in the public eye invites a lot of comments and criticism. You have to be ready for it if you ever expect to survive celebrity status, especially when you’re Ayesha Curry. And Curry was absolutely prepared when an Instagram user made a decidedly hurtful comment about her youngest child. It started on Tuesday with … Continued

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Golf Star Gets Caught By TV Cameras Peeing On A Tree During PGA Championship

Despite the perception of it being a quiet, lazy, sauntering sport, golf can be a really intense game. The stakes are high, the strategy and skill increase with each stroke. It can be a lot to handle. At least, that’s the excuse I would use if I were caught peeing on a tree during the … Continued


Salty Fans Have ‘Google-Bombed’ The Creators Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ To Have Their Images Show Up When You Search ‘Bad Writers’

Don’t worry, this article is spoiler free. Though you may want to worry if you’re “bad writers” D.B. Weiss and David Benioff. The final episodes of Game of Thrones have been divisive, to say the least. While some fans are less vocal of their displeasure, others have taken to the internet to make their opinions … Continued


Sophie Turner Adds Fuel To The Fire Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ #Cupgate—And The Feud Is On

SPOILERS ABOUND! There are spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8 in this article. While nothing is spoiled for the most recent episode, some past episodes are discussed. Be warned.   The absolute scandal that consumed the internet for about half a day is still raging on a whole week later! #Cupgate has divided the … Continued


This Old Tweet From The USC Women’s Rowing Team Is Now Cringey AF

With the college admissions scandal far from over, some people are finding hints hiding in plain sight. And one of the universities involved in the scam is catching heat. Celebrities like Lori Loughlin became infamous for paying their way into having their children be accepted to colleges like USC. This was done through altering entrance … Continued


Rihanna Trolled Charlize Theron So Hard With A Hilariously Savage T-Shirt On Her Birthday

When you’re a massively successful star of movies and beloved for your activist work, you’d think you have little to do when it comes to getting people to like you, right? Of course, when you’re competing against Rihanna, somehow this task becomes insurmountable. Charlize Theron was on Late Night with Seth Meyers Wednesday. During the … Continued


Chris Pratt Violated The Rules On Set Of ‘Endgame’ By Taking An Epic Behind-The-Scenes Video—And We’re So Glad He Did

(Technically speaking, this article doesn’t really spoil anything from Avengers: Endgame, but if you want to be on the safe side, go ahead and come back to this article after you see it.) The secrecy surrounding Avengers: Endgame was absolutely insane. From the news that Robert Downey Jr. was the only actor to read the … Continued

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Guy Gets The Sh*t Kicked Out Of Him After Shouting ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Spoilers Outside Movie Theater

Let me start by settling your fears and saying we will NOT be talking about Avengers: Endgame spoilers in this article. We will be talking about talking about Avengers: Endgame spoilers, which is still pretty safe. In the lead up to Endgame, there’s been a lot said about spoilers. The new Marvel films were assembled … Continued

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Sarah Sanders Offers Bonkers Defense Of Trump Saying He Loved WikiLeaks Over 140 Times During The 2016 Campaign

The job of Press Secretary for President Donald Trump is not a job you’d envy. You have to turn his losses into wins, invent new context for his controversial statements and often tell very blatant lies despite everyone knowing they’re lies. Over the weekend, Sarah Sanders had her hands full doing all of that. On one … Continued

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Vlogger Literally Sobs About Maybe Having To Get A ‘Normal 9-5’ Job After Her Instagram Is Deleted

An internet model shared a video on Youtube, emotionally declaiming that her life was ruined after her Instagram account was deleted. Jessy Taylor, an Instagram influencer, posted the video to her Youtube channel last week. The video shows her crying over her account being reported so many times, Instagram deleted her page entirely. At the … Continued