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This Joke About Bon Jovi Is Maybe The Dumbest And Most Brilliant Thing We’ve Ever Seen

Bon Jovi is an American rock band known for accusations of insulting love and insinuating people who ride motorcycles are equivalent to cowboys. Their long history of hair metal and pop rock has seeped into our pop culture consciousness. Bon Jovi’s lead singer, coincidentally named Jon Bon Jovi, can belt out power hit after power … Continued


People Are Revealing The Most Bullsh*t Classes They Took In College, And There Are Some Real Winners Here

The college system has numerous flaws, even if we ignore the exponential rising costs. From horror stories of under qualified professors, to the news that some of the students probably shouldn’t be there, we all get the sense there’s something wrong with college. But it’s the class requirements that can feel like the biggest waste … Continued

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We Were Fine Until The ‘God Only Knows’ Cue In The ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer Caught Us Off Guard

The first full-length trailer for Toy Story 4 was released online. It includes plenty of information on the new story, introduces the main plot, and tries to make you cry. How can you not when you hear “God Only Knows” start playing in the middle of the trailer? On the road of life there are … Continued

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Geneticist Explains Why A Study Making The Rounds That Supposedly Reveals The Identity Of Jack The Ripper Is ‘Bad Science’ In Must-Read Thread

We’ve finally done it. After decades of professional and amateur sleuths pouring over every available bit of evidence and running through the scenario and suspects, the identity of the serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper” has been uncovered. And it was all thanks to a 150-year-old shawl that had DNA evidence linking the murders … Continued


Fans Are LOLing After ‘Queer Eye’ Makes It Clear That Brits And Americans Pronounce ‘Squirrel’ Quite Differently

The newest season of Queer Eye is here courtesy of our Netflix overlords, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Fab Five are here to grace our screens once again with their knowledge of wine, fashion and interior design. However, something people didn’t expect to be a point of contention between these experts is the … Continued

They Tried It

It Turns Out The #Cheesed Challenge Doesn’t Work Quite So Well On Dogs As It Does On Babies

After the cheese challenge took over and subsequently faded into memory, we thought it would be like any other silly challenge that is repeated for a day on Twitter. We didn’t expect it to evolve. While the original cheese challenge saw parents, grandparents, and carers throwing slices of cheese on an unsuspecting baby’s head, the … Continued

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Female Cyclist Loses Race After Officials Force Her To Stop For The Most Sexist Reason

A woman cyclist who nearly caught up to the male racers who started ten minutes before the women was forced to stop to maintain the gap between the groups. Just like in the rest of society, am I right, ladies? Nicole Hanselmann was a Swiss cyclist racing in Belgium’s annual Omloop Het Nieuwsblad race. After nearly … Continued


Khalid Just Tried A Knock Knock Joke On Twitter, And It Quickly Went Off The Rails

Sometimes when you think you got a good joke, you have a good joke. And sometimes when you think you have a good joke, you’re actually the singer Khalid and had no idea what you were doing. Khalid is a 21 -year-old American R&B singer.  Despite his young age, he’s been nominated for Grammy Awards … Continued


Jack Black Just Inadvertently Recreated The Distracted Boyfriend Meme To The Delight Of The Internet

Jack Black, also known as the Youtuber JablinskiGames, was walking down the street when he accidentally recreated the distracted boyfriend meme. In a video he uploaded last Friday, he once again did not upload a gaming video, but instead shared his preparation for Jumanji 4. Yes, Jumanji 4. As he points out, you forgot the … Continued


James McAvoy Had A The Most Genius Idea After Finding A Sharpie On The Floor At The Oscars

The Oscars are pretty much a giant pat on the back that Hollywood just loves to give themselves every year for doing their own jobs. Sure, it’s glamorous, and much of the hard work and talent on display in these films deserve recognition, but the Academy Awards are still the adult equivalent of a middle school … Continued


Jason Momoa Had The Best Response To The Girl Scout Who Used His Shirtless Photo To Sell Cookies

If you’ve been on the internet the past few weeks, you saw the story about the genius Girl Scout who sold her cookies with a shirtless Jason Momoa. The Momoa on a Samoa was a hit, with Girl Scout Charlotte Holmberg selling her boxes like hot cakes. Or like delicious cookies with an attractive celebrity … Continued


Kim Kardashian West Was Definitely Not Dressed For The Harsh Canadian Winter During Her Latest Visit

Look, I know we all think that Canada is a fictional realm like Narnia, or Middle-Earth. But it’s in fact very real, and they have very real weather. I know. I was surprised when I found out too. When it comes to Canadian weather, one might say, “It’s cold.” One might also say cold is … Continued