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Duck Guy’s Choose Your Own Adventure-Style Tinder Approach Is The Smoothest F*cking Move We’ve Ever Seen 🔥

With the popularity of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, it seems other people are taking the “choose your own adventure” model and applying it to their lives. Redditor mattythegee showed his interesting application of the idea. In a post to r/Tinder, mattythegee showed how he opened his conversation with his match, Amelia. That’s right, he gave her … Continued

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A Major Marvel Character Is Missing From ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’—And Fans Are Majorly Stressing Out 😱

Marvel fans have gotten really good at dissecting new trailers when they drop. Potentially too good. While guesses and theories from movies past haven’t always been on the money, this time, it feels a little sadder. After the trailer for the new Spider-man: Far From Home was released people noticed a certain mentor missing. The … Continued


We Absolutely Cannot With These 2 Cats That Live In Their Own Silicon Valley Apartment

In a casita in Silicon Valley, Louise and Tina are two cats who have it made. There’s a good chance these two cats are living in an apartment that’s more expensive than yours. Which wouldn’t be too surprising except the cats are living by themselves. …What? Yes, these two felines have their own apartment in … Continued

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Woman Raised By Anti-Vaxxer Parents Goes Viral After Taking Her Health Into Her Own Hands 🙌

When you’ve been raised by parents who neglected your health, it can be freeing to finally get things taken care of. A Redditor is sharing her first step toward taking back control of her health after being raised by parents who did not have her vaccinated. The woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, shared to … Continued

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Dancer Who Lost Leg In Boston Marathon Bombing Now Needs Surgery After Getting Hit By A Car

A survivor of the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon is in the hospital after being injured in a car crash. She was struck by a car on Saturday while trying to cross the street. Adrianne Haslet shared a photo on her Instagram showing herself in a hospital bed. View this post on Instagram Struck … Continued

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Airline Ignores Bethenny Frankel’s Severe Allergy To Fish, Ends Up Forcing Her Plane To Turn Around

Bethenny Frankel has had another close encounter with an allergic reaction to fish. The Real Housewives of New York star had to have an airplane turn around to avoid a potentially deadly scenario. On January 3, the 48-year-old TV personality boarded a flight on an airline that she refuses to name. She says she called … Continued

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Newly-Elected Mexican Mayor Killed By Group Of Gunmen On His First Day In Office

The new mayor of a small Mexican town was murdered after holding office very briefly. Alejandro Aparicio Santiago was shot shortly after his inauguration. Aparicio had taken the office of the town of Tlaxiaco’s mayor on Tuesday. After being sworn in, he was on his way to his first official meeting at city hall when … Continued


Dancing American Airlines Worker From Viral Video Is ‘Ecstatic’ About The Love He’s Been Getting 😍

A tarmac worker has gone viral after a video of him dancing was uploaded to the internet. Jahmaul Allen was captured dancing while he performed his job guiding an airplane just before Christmas. And you can tell he’s really enjoying himself! View this post on Instagram Страна наблюдений сплошных!!! Что ни город, что ни место, … Continued


Busy Philipps Shuts Down United Airline’s Cookbook Offer With A Single, Savage Tweet 🔥😂

Unless you regularly fly first class, or maybe on a private jet with a personal chef, you’ve probably never eaten a meal served on an airplane and thought to yourself, “This is some great tasting food. If only I could enjoy it at home.” But if you do enjoy airline food, you’re in luck! United … Continued