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Brian is an actor, musician, writer, babysitter, and former Olympian. One of these things is a lie. Based in NYC, Brian honed his skills in the suburbs of Minneapolis, where he could often be seen doing jazz squares down the halls of his middle school. After obtaining a degree in musical theatre, he graced the stages of Minneapolis and St. Paul before making the move to NYC. In his spare time, Brian can be found playing board games, hitting around a volleyball, and forcing friends to improvise with him.

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The Scoop

Minnesota Police Called To Do Welfare Check On Man ‘Hugging A Pillow’ Who Turns Out Not To Be A Man At All

Police in the snowy northern U.S. state of Minnesota received a surprise on Thursday when they were called to check on the welfare of a cardboard cutout figure. Officers at the Jordan Police Department received a report of an adult male standing “motionless outside,” “wearing no coat in the cold and hugging a pillow,” according … Continued

The Scoop

Viral Video Of Huge Wall Of Ice Getting Blown Ashore Is Like ‘Game Of Thrones’ IRL

Severe winds from a huge storm in Canada created the unusual spectacle of huge blocks of ice tumbling on to the shore. Footage posted online by Niagara Parks Police in Ontario, Canada showed the mounds of frozen water from Lake Erie being blown on to the street. Winds at Niagara Falls had been reported to have … Continued

They Tried It

This Video Of Theresa May Learning How To Play Pool Is Getting Roasted By Twitter

Theresa May showed she was prepared to take her cue from a European leader as she joined him in a game of pool. The Prime Minister was filmed learning how to hold a pool cue with her Italian counterpart Giuseppe Conte on Sunday night. A clip of Theresa May playing pool with the Italian prime … Continued

The Scoop

Hockey Puck Misses Sports Commentator’s Head By Mere Inches In Insane Viral Video

An ice hockey commentator had a narrow escape after a puck just missed hitting him in the head. Pierre McGuire was watching the Tampa Bay Lightning play the Columbus Blue Jackets in a National Hockey League game when the flying sports apparatus flew just inches past his temple. HEADS UP! pic.twitter.com/utul8x2tWP — NHL on NBC … Continued

The Scoop

Boy’s Mind Is Completely Blown After His Tee-Ball Hit Somehow Lands Right Back On The Tee

A boy practicing his baseball swing has gone viral after his shot off a tee ricocheted off the wall he was aiming at and landed back where it came from. Isaac Husted, 11, was caught on CCTV pulling off the feat in footage which has since gone viral.   View this post on Instagram   … Continued

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Man Shares How Finding A 130-Year-Old Grave For Someone’s Pet Bunny Helped Him Deal With His Grief

An animal-loving widower told how turning detective after kicking a ‘rock’ when he stumbled while walking in the woods led him to discover a Victorian bunny grave – helping to heal his broken heart in the process. Retired photographer Sid Saunders, 75, of Hastings, East Sussex, England, started reconnecting with nature on long walks with … Continued


This Party Celebrating A Baby’s First 100 Days Of Life Is So Extra, And We’re Here For It

A baby has experienced his first taste of viral fame, after social media fell in love with his adorable “100-Days” celebration photos. Elliot Noah Ye captured hearts during his Baek-il party, a Korean tradition that celebrates the first successful 100 days of a baby’s life. Lorraine Ye, from San Francisco, posted the photo of her … Continued

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A Bunch Of Clever Chimps Were Caught On Video Escaping Their Zoo Enclosure By Stunned Visitors

Chimpanzees used a branch to escape an enclosure at Belfast Zoo on Saturday. The zookeeper blamed recent stormy weather for weakening trees inside their corral as visitors had a closer encounter than planned. The intelligent primates turned a limb into a makeshift ladder and scaled high walls surrounding their pen in Northern Ireland, footage posted … Continued

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A YouTuber Sent Her Brain Tumor To Antarctica, And It Honestly Looks Like A Work Of Art

YouTuber Simone Giertz, known for building bizarre robots, has sent a sample of her brain tumor to Antarctica nearly a year after being diagnosed. The inventor and social media star shared a picture showing the pink-dyed tumor placed in front of a glacier, courtesy of NASA advisor and Antarctic explorer Ariel Waldman. “I sent my … Continued

The Scoop

Pablo’s Escoburgers Restaurant Criticized For Serving Lines Of ‘Cocaine’ With Burgers

A restaurant named Pablo’s Escoburgers has stoked controversy with a burger that comes with a free line of fake cocaine. The pop-up burger restaurant, located at Promise Bar in Melbourne, Australia, has faced a mixed reception for a dish called The Patron.   View this post on Instagram   The myth, the legend, The Patron … Continued

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Shy Stay-At-Home Mom Transforms After Devastating Divorce Into An Impressive Bodybuilding Champ ????

Hitting rock bottom after a relationship breakdown, a divorcee has revealed how she went from being a timid stay-at-home mom to a show-stopping body building champion. Restoring her confidence by transforming her body, Natasha Noble, 36, is now so ripped that her waist has shrunk from 30 inches to 25 inches, but her muscular 23-inch … Continued

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Devastated Mother Remembers Son On What Would’ve Been His 16th Birthday With Graveside Picnic After He Was Tragically Hit By A Train

A mother has spoken poignantly about the special picnic she took to her son’s graveside to mark his 16th birthday, after her boy – her “closest friend” – tragically died when he was hit by a train. Devastated after losing her only child, 15-year-old Maksim, in November 2018, Valerija Zguro – who spent her £10,000 … Continued