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Collin Gossel is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn, New York, but there are nights when he looks up at the stars and wistfully thinks to himself “there’s got to be more out there…” You can catch Collin improvising new musicals every Tuesday night at the Magnet Theater’s Musical Megawatt, or follow his unfiltered thoughts on Twitter and Instagram @CollinGossel.

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The News Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Departure Was Predictably Met With A Flurry Of Roasting Tweets

On Thursday, June 13, President Trump announced via Twitter that Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving her role as White House Press Secretary and Communications Director at the end of the month. After 3 1/2 years in the position. She worked for President Obama? After 3 1/2 years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be … Continued


Mark Hamill Just Slammed Trump With A History Lesson After Trump Said He’d Accept Foreign Dirt In The 2020 Election

On Wednesday, June 12, ABC News aired footage of President Trump’s interview with George Stephanopoulos. In the interview, Stephanopoulos asked about foreign interference in United States’ elections. The President then admitted on camera that he would accept aid from a foreign power without reporting it to the FBI if given the opportunity in 2020. EXCLUSIVE: … Continued

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Even Piers Morgan Called Trump Out For His Transgender Military Ban—And Trump’s Responses Were Complete Nonsense

During President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom, he gave his only interview to longtime friend and conservative television personality Piers Morgan which aired Wednesday on Good Morning Britain. It seems even Morgan—normally an ardent supporter of President Trump—had questions about Trump’s tweet of support for LGBT people  given his widely criticized ban of transgender … Continued

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Guy Becomes Instant Internet Villain After Snagging Foul Ball Away From A Kid—But The Kid Has The Last Laugh

Some adults never quite grow out of their selfish child phase. At the Big Ten baseball tournament in Omaha this past Sunday, during a game between University of Minnesota and Ohio State, a Minnesota player popped a foul ball into the stands. Two people ran for it: a young Ohio State fan and a much … Continued


Meghan McCain Just Slammed Amy Klobuchar For Talking About Her Father—And Everyone Is Very Confused

Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Amy Klobuchar appeared before a crowd on Saturday at Jasper’s Winery to speak about the state of the nation. While there, she told a short story about President Trump’s inauguration, where she sat between Bernie Sanders and the late Senator John McCain. Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Trump’s inauguration: “The day when … Continued


Halle Berry And Lena Waithe 100% Made Out Last Night On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

While Jimmy Kimmel was away from his desk at the Jimmy Kimmel Live, his guest host, Lena Waithe, got some pretty fantastic experiences. Waithe, known as an Emmy-winning writer and producer on Netflix’s Master of None, was about half-way through her opening monologue when she asked sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez what the best way to get … Continued


The Actor Who Played Robin Arryn On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Totally Caught Off Guard By The Fan Reaction To His ‘Glow-Up’

If there is one big positive many fans took away from the divisive Game of Thrones finale, it’s the unexpected but very welcome “glow-up” of young Robin Arryn, who we last saw as a pre-pubescent boy ruling The Eeyrie. The young protector of the Vale was famously whiny and known for drinking his mother’s breast-milk … Continued


John Oliver Just Dragged Meghan McCain And Her Husband Hard Over That Whole Seth Meyers Debacle

Whether or not they’re fans of his show (and most of them probably are), John Oliver stands up for his fellow late-night hosts. During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Meghan McCain was asked by the host about her remarks about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. McCain’s defensiveness led to a very uncomfortable, awkward … Continued


Leslie Jones Hit It Out Of The Park With Her Take On The Alabama Abortion Ban On ‘SNL’

In response to Alabama’s recently-passed abortion ban, Leslie Jones appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update to deliver a message many people found both incredibly hilarious and moving. Jones’s speech is exactly what we needed right now. Watch her hot take here. Any line from the short monologue made for a great soundbite. “Why do … Continued


Yes, That Was Gene Simmons At The Podium In The Pentagon—And We Have So Many Questions

There’s no doubt Gene Simmons, frontman of KISS, is good in front of a crowd. Still, it does seem a bit odd to ssee him standing behind the press podium at the Pentagon, delivering the second briefing of the year. Yes, you read that correctly. See for yourself here. As tensions between Iran and the … Continued

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Vita Coco’s Social Media Person Just Hilariously Called A Writer’s Bluff After He Exclaimed His Disgust For Coconut Water

Twitter user and egg restaurant-owner @TonyPosnanski didn’t know when he tweeted out his unpopular opinions that he was about to get into an online feud with Vita Coco coconut water, but that’s exactly how most coconut water feuds begin. Time for another “unpopular opinions” post… – Candy Corn is absolute trash – The US version … Continued

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Ted Cruz Just Said We Need The Space Force To Defend Us From ‘Space Pirates’—And Here Come The Jokes

Ahoy, space mateys! Batten down the hatches and hoist the sails, because Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R), chairman of the Senate subcommittee on aviation and space, has a dire warning for all you landlubbers: beware space pirates! Yargh! Subcommittee chairman Cruz: pirates threaten the open seas, and the same is possible in space, hence need … Continued