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Matt is a writer, designer, and native New Yorker. He has worked in film, where he enjoyed a brief career as a stand-in for Ian Holm; finance, where he pretended to understand his job, and real estate, where nothing remarkable happened. He writes about science, technology, and media. His work includes magazine articles, one published book, and the looming inevitability of the second.

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Extra Chunky

This A Cappella Group’s Megamix Showing The ‘Evolution Of Girl Groups’ Is Seriously Giving Us Life 🙌

Start sharing with your friends now, because this one is going to be big. In what is sure to be a massively viral hit soon, female a capella group called Citizen Queen has just released a mind blowing megamix called the Evolution Of Girl Groups that spans the last 60 years of amazing female acts … Continued

The Scoop

Michelle Obama Just Rocked Some Thigh-High Glitter Boots—And We’re Obsessed 😍

During her eight years as First Lady, Michelle Obama knew her fashion choices would be endlessly scrutinized, so she cultivated a style sense that was appropriately “first lady chic.” Now that she is back in the private sector, the gloves are off and the boots are on. On Wednesday, Michelle joined moderator and fellow fashion … Continued

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Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard’s Approach To Explaining Santa To Their Children Is Igniting Debate

It’s easy to forget just how magical the idea of Santa Claus is when you are a kid. A mystical stranger with a white beard, a red suit and a sleigh pulled by reindeer delivers toys to children across the world — and he does it all in one night. No wonder kids get so … Continued

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Artist Turns Racist Graffiti Into An Empowering Message We Can All Get Behind ❤️

Over the last week the quiet East London district of Walthamstow, one of the most ethnically diverse areas in London,  has been shaken up by a string of racist messages graffitied on homes throughout the town. At least four such messages have been reported by residents who woke to find “Speak English” had been spray painted … Continued


John Krasinski Roasted Hugh Jackman For Sidling Up To Emily Blunt—And Ryan Reynolds Couldn’t Help But Enter The Fray 😂

Hollywood couple John Krasinski and Emily Blunt have a romance almost as special as Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly, so no one could ever come between them, right? Well, maybe not. At this weekend’s Variety magazine Variety Studio: Actors on Actors event, Blunt found herself cozied up to a leading man who wasn’t her husband, … Continued

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The Meaning Behind Tom Hiddleston’s Recent Cryptic Twitter Video Has Finally Been Uncovered

Fans of Tom Hiddleston are always on the lookout for more Tom Hiddleston but, outside promoting a few projects now and then, the somewhat reclusive actor is mostly radio silent across social media. So when the Avengers star posted a cryptic tweet on Wednesday featuring a teaser trailer for a new project, it created exactly … Continued

Extra Chunky

University Professor Actually Called The Cops On An ‘Uncivil’ Student For Putting Her Feet Up On A Chair 😮

The University of Texas at San Antonio is investigating a viral video of an African American student being escorted out of a classroom after a professor reportedly called the police on her for putting her feet up. On Monday, UTSA student Apurva Rawal posted the video of the incident on Twitter. According to Rawal, the … Continued

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Unsettling Undercover Footage Goes Inside Gay Conversion Therapy Session—And It’s Insane

Disturbing new footage of gay conversion therapy has been released following an undercover investigation by ITV news In “one of the world’s biggest churches,” the story begins as an ITV reporter enters a branch of the Winners’ Chapel in Dartford, England. “Winners’ Chapel said it’s aim is to liberate people from every oppression of the … Continued

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Tributes Pour In For Legendary Comic Book Pioneer Stan Lee After His Death At Age 95

How do you say goodbye to a legend? Stan Lee, the father of the Marvel Universe and co-creator of some of the most iconic characters in media today, died on Monday at the age of 95. Over his career, the Manhattan-born writer, editor, producer, and publisher created an unrivaled pantheon of modern mythology including the members … Continued

Extra Chunky

Horses Are Spontaneously Combusting On This Cursed Road In ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

From the moment the first gameplay trailer came out fans and critics knew that Red Dead Redemption II (RDR2)was going to be something special. It was the first new title from Rockstar games in five years, and the six minute trailer looked more like an episode of Westworld than a video game. In the nine days since … Continued

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Avril Lavigne Finally Addresses Rumors That She Was Replaced By A Doppelgänger Years Ago

You might be wondering why Avril Lavigne is finally addressing a rumor that you probably never heard of, but this being Avril the explanation of course gets a bit, complicated. For years a conspiracy floated around the internet that the real Avril Lavigne died sometime between 2002-2005 and was replaced by a doppelgänger named Melissa … Continued