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Group Of White Women Wear Hoodies To Prove Tennessee Mall’s Policy Is Discriminatory

Wolfchase Galleria Mall in Memphis Tennessee has found itself getting some serious side-eye from the local community lately. Recently, there have been complaints from young people—predominantly people of color—that they were being harassed by mall security. In one incident, several young black men were kicked out, treated violently and eventually arrested. Their crime? Wearing hoodies. … Continued


Juliette Lewis Just Posted A Bizarre Instagram Story Asking Britney Spears To Save Us—And We Can’t Stop Watching It 😮

Celebs post weird stuff on social media all the time and we’ve been witness to some serious breakdowns. We still don’t know if eyes are eyes thanks to Jayden Smith. Brendon Urie’s entire social media presence is just weird on weird on weird. And now Juliette Lewis is throwing down in weird-town. Lewis has always been … Continued

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Jada Pinkett Smith Admits She Struggles With Bias Against White Women With Blonde Hair

Jada Pinkett Smith tackles some seriously difficult and taboo conversations with her show, Red Table Talk. The show typically features a conversation between Jada, her mother, and two other guests. Family members, friends, co-workers, and celebs often fill those other seats. The talks have covered divorce, sexuality, death, self-harm, body acceptance, and more. The episodes tend … Continued

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Voice Actors Reading A Scene From ‘The Office’ As ‘SpongeBob’ Characters Is More Entertaining Than It Ought To Be 😂

The Nerdist series Talkin’ Toons is easily one of the best things happening on the internet right now. The show’s premise is simple: give voice actors a platform to talk about their work, then set them loose re-enacting scenes from films or TV shows — as their animated characters. The results are absolutely as ridiculous … Continued

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This 21-Year-Old Cosplayer’s Impressive Transformations Into Popular Characters Are Captivating The Internet 😮

Ksenia Perova is a 21-year-old Russian cosplayer whose ability to transform herself is downright amazing. Mastering cartoonish proportions using just makeup is really hard. Most of us can’t even get our eyeliner even and Ksenia is over here re-structuring her entire face. What makes it really impressive is that she does it so well that … Continued


Image Of Mississippi Man Wearing A Racist Shirt While Voting Angers Twitter—And For Good Reason

Multiple voters at one Mississippi polling location came face to face with blatant racism. A man voting at the Olive Branch location (note the name and its association with making peace, because it’s about to be REALLY ironic that this is the location he chose) strolled in wearing a shirt just smacking of hatefulness. The white … Continued

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Bella Hadid Shuts Down Body-Shamers Who Say She’s Too Thin In New Instagram Photos

For generations, the fashion industry has seen criticism for pushing unhealthy and unrealistic body standards. Body-shaming — making people feel bad about what their body looks like — has been around just as long. Typically, we think of body-shaming as something aimed at overweight people but, within the fashion industry, that shaming can go either way. It’s … Continued

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Barack Obama Elicits Excited Shrieks From Crowd After Surprise Visit To Florida Taco Shop ❤️

People still really love former President Barrack Obama. It shows every time he makes an appearance anywhere. Lately, he’s been on the road helping to campaign for other politicians – so we’ve gotten a whole lot of “Obama in the wild” sightings. Miami just had a great one. Obama was in town to support democrats … Continued

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‘Born-Again African’ Theatre Director Who Identifies As Black Ignites Controversy After Accepting Arts Funding Meant For People Of Color

Anthony David Lennon is a British theater director and artist who has recently found himself on the receiving end of quite a bit of outrage. To explain, we have to go back a few generations. Anthony’s biological grandparents are all white. Anthony’s biological parents are both white. He is neither adopted nor did he grow … Continued