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Evan Brechtel is a writer and actor living in New York. A Fordham University graduate, he also writes a monthly column for Chosen Magazine and is currently working on a historical fiction novel about New York queer bars over the twentieth century.

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Man Basically Becomes Unintentional Mary Poppins As Heavy Winds Carry Him Away On A Patio Umbrella

Surveillance footage shows the moment a man was carried away by an umbrella due to strong winds in Turkey. Sadik Kocadalli was whisked away by the weighted umbrella during a ten-minute tornado in the town of Kadirli in Osmaniye province, according to Turkish news agency DHA. Watch the stunning footage below. BLOWN AWAY: Surveillance footage … Continued


This Student Is Certainly Turning Heads By Beekeeping In The Nude For Charity

A medical student has been creating something of a buzz across the rooftops of south-east London – by beekeeping in the buff. George Lodge, 23, of Bermondsey, who is in his fifth year studying medicine at University College London, began inspecting his hive in his birthday suit for a charity calendar to fund a research … Continued


Hairdresser Finds Unexpected Relief From Her Agonizing Skin Condition With A $6 Baby Moisturizer

A hairdresser who feared she would have to quit her career because of a skin complaint so severe that even touching water would feel as if she was being burnt alive has revealed that a $6 baby moisturizer has saved her. Plagued by extreme contact dermatitis on her hands for five years – a complaint … Continued


Woman Celebrates Her Birthmark In A Series Of Stunning Photographs

After struggling with uncertainty about being held back in life by the large brown birthmark spanning her neck and chest, a successful professional has proudly displayed her skin in a series of stunning Instagram snaps. Corporate trainer Lee Conderacci, 36, who was born with a large congenital melanocytic nevus (CMN) – a type of brown … Continued


Woman Credits Swapping Her Vegan Lifestyle For A ‘Prehistoric’ Diet Of ‘Brains And Bones’ With Saving Her Life

A committed ethical vegan who swapped vegetables for a carnivorous “prehistoric” diet – eating up to 2kg of animal muscles, organs and bone marrow a day – has told how consuming “brains and bones” has saved her life. Converting to veganism at just 13, after seeing shocking videos made by animal rights campaigners, life sciences … Continued

The Scoop

Woman Wakes Up With Some Simple ‘Back Pain’ That Turns Out To Be Deadly Sepsis

A mother has relived her trauma after a simple ‘back pain’ turned out to be deadly sepsis, which almost claimed her life and saw her spending six weeks in hospital. When Jo Tucker, 45, of Bedworth, Warwickshire, woke one morning in October 2018 with a bad back, she assumed she had slept awkwardly. But, by … Continued

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Man Dies After Neighbor Shoves Potato In His Gas Flue As Revenge—And Now His Daughters Are Speaking Out

The grieving daughters of a man who died after his neighbor stuffed a potato into his gas flue have spoken for the first time – slamming the “joke” sentence imposed on their father’s killer. Life changed forever for Rosie and Nicole Horner in December 2015, when their beloved dad, Michael Horner, 48, was found dead … Continued

They Tried It

German Police Do A Double Take After Stopping Driver With Impossible Date On His License

A driver caught speeding in western Germany got himself into even deeper trouble when police found his license contained an impossible date. Police in Dortmund pulled over the 56-year-old man during a speed check, at which point he showed officers a Polish license with a “valid from” date of August 32, 2017. Auffälliger konnte die … Continued


Identical Twins Say Their “Telepathic Bond” Helps When They Respond To The Same Emergency Calls

Identical “999 [the London equivalent of 911] twins” working as a paramedic and a police officer in west London say their “telepathic sisterly bond” means they operate together as a “well-oiled machine” when they turn up at the same emergency. “Knowing what the other is thinking” makes London Ambulance Service paramedic Natalia and Metropolitan Police … Continued

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Woman Caring For Her Father With Dementia Is Told By Doctors She Will Also Develop The Disease Within The Next Decade

A woman in her 30s who left university to care for her doctor dad when he developed a genetic form of Alzheimer’s has spoken candidly of the life-changing moment when medics told her she, too, will develop dementia within the next 10 years. Laura Sides, 36, whose parents had split up, left her psychology degree … Continued