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Evan Brechtel is a writer and actor living in New York. A Fordham University graduate, he also writes a monthly column for Chosen Magazine and is currently working on a historical fiction novel about New York queer bars over the twentieth century.

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The Scoop

Former Boy Band Star Looks Almost Unrecognizable After Spending Thousands On Plastic Surgery For His ‘Fantasy Face’

A former boy band star has declared that there is no need for a “bank balance the size of Kim Kardashian’s” to look good, after achieving his “fantasy face” for $10,000. Inspired by artistic genius Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches of the perfect facial proportions, with his career in the entertainment industry floundering, Ian Starr Kalatzis, … Continued

The Scoop

Thousands Expected To Attend Flypast For US Airmen Thanks To Dedicated Pensioner

A pensioner whose lifelong dedication to 10 American airmen who died when their plane crashed 75 years ago prompted a planned memorial flypast believes thousands of people will turn out for the salute. Tony Foulds was eight years old in February 1944 when he witnessed the B-17 Flying Fortress, Mi Amigo, crash and explode in … Continued

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This Pair Of Inseparable Gay Penguins Just Got Married In An Epic Wedding Ceremony

Two devoted showbiz penguins got married in style, with their lavish big gay wedding day captured just in time for Valentine’s day. When Ferrari and Pringle tied the knot in their same-sex ceremony, there were make-up artists to ensure they looked their best, a chauffeur-driven Bentley and a beautiful Cotswolds venue, followed by a wedding … Continued

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This College Dropout Makes Over $6,000 A Month From His Twitter Fans As An ‘Online Beggar’

A college dropout who makes over $6000 a month by “begging” on Twitter and compares himself to reality TV stars the Kardashians not only pays for a swish apartment and all his bills by panhandling online, but also has 110k followers. Earning five times the $1200 monthly salary he made working in a fast food … Continued

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Lovestruck New Couple Buys A House Together After Two Weeks Of Dating And Have Three Kids Within Just Nine Months

A woman reunited with her school crush through a Facebook message after years apart went on to have a whirlwind romance with him – buying a house after two weeks and having three babies in just nine months. When Rachael Kirkwood, 34, first spotted her now husband, Paddy, 35, in the corridors of the secondary … Continued

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Tattoo Artist Launches Mission To Help Former Racists Right Their Wrongs

An American tattoo artist on a mission to cover-up racist inkings for free has told how his work is in such high demand, he is going on tour—and plans to travel to Britain. Inspired by an encounter with a young man with a violent gang’s initials tattooed across his face, Dave Cutlip, 51, has been … Continued

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Sports Apparel Company Removes Suggestive Image Of Woman After Being Called Out For Overt Sexism

JD Sports has removed a provocative picture of a woman wearing a Scotland jersey after a father complained. The image on the company’s website showed a woman in jeans with rips on the thighs sitting with her legs apart while photos advertising male kits displayed men and boys in athletic wear. Simon Kemp spotted the … Continued

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Former Bingo Caller Reveals How She Has Quadrupled Her Income Just By Playing Computer Games

A former bingo caller whose passion for online gaming has seen her salary quadruple has condemned people who assume a live stream of her playing – which has thousands of paying subscribers – is sexually provocative. Amy Bayliss, 22, who admits to blocking men who have called her “beautiful” and a “slut” during banter as … Continued

The Scoop

Shakespeare-Loving Bride Ties The Knot In Spectacular Medieval Wedding And Here Are The Pics

A young mom who fell in love with Shakespeare during gloomy Arctic winters with only five-and-a-half hours of light and temperatures regularly dropping to 12 degrees, paid homage to the playwright with a spectacular medieval wedding. Emily Wineland, 23, tied the knot with husband Ralph, 25, in a ceremony straight from the Dark Ages, complete … Continued


Ariana Grande Attempted To Correct Her Japanese ‘Barbecue Grill’ Tattoo And Honestly Just Made It Even Worse

Ariana Grande has made a correction to her Japanese tattoo after a mistranslation meant it mistakenly referenced a barbecue, but many believe the fix is still incorrect. The pop star had tried to pay homage to her hit single 7 Rings by writing the song’s title in Kanji symbols on her hands, however missing characters … Continued


This Artists Spends Thousands A Year On Makeup To Transform Herself Daily Into Living Dolls 😮

A plus-size artist told how she exorcises demons which have haunted her since her schooldays by depicting horror fantasies on her own face – spending up to 12 hours giving herself a different extraordinary look every day. Spending $5,900 on makeup in a single year to transform herself into a “living art doll,” changing her … Continued