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Evan Brechtel is a writer and actor living in New York. A Fordham University graduate, he also writes a monthly column for Chosen Magazine and is currently working on a historical fiction novel about New York queer bars over the twentieth century.

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Dad Unable To Kiss His Wife Or Newborn Baby After Cancer Treatments Make His Saliva Toxic

A cancer-stricken father of two who was told chemotherapy made his saliva toxic was warned by doctors not to have sex with his pregnant wife, as such physical intimacy could harm their unborn child. Diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer – one of 2,500 people under 50 to discover they have the disease every year … Continued

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Police Officer-Turned-Seamstress Creates Special Dresses For Diabetic Girls To Help Hide Their Medical Equipment

Inspired by a diabetic child, a policewoman-turned-seamstress has made a special range of dresses to discreetly accommodate insulin pumps, which have been so successful she now aims to patent the design. After meeting Julia Looker, 10 – who had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes four years earlier – at an art show where she … Continued

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There’s A Powerfully Poignant Bond Behind This Photo Of A Group Of Friends

This picture of 22 people, dressed in black tie finery, hides a special secret – as each and every one of their lives has been touched by organ donation. Each person is either a recipient, a donor or someone who has lost a loved one, whose organs have then gone on to save lives. Sharing … Continued

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Nurse Battling Cancer For The Fourth Time Is In A Race For Her Life To Raise Over $300,000 For Treatment

The doting parents of a nurse battling leukemia for the fourth time have made an impassioned plea for help in their desperate race against time to raise £250,000 for treatment. After relapsing once again in December 2018 following two stem cell transplants and chemotherapy, cancer-stricken Heather Bellamy, 48, has been told there are no further … Continued

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Woman’s Withdrawal From Skin Condition Meds Was So Painful She Couldn’t Be Intimate With Her Boyfriend

charity worker who stopped using steroid creams to treat eczema told how her withdrawal symptoms – including livid rashes and painful, oozing blisters – were so severe she could not work for four months and is unable to be intimate with her boyfriend. Plagued by the dry and itchy skin condition eczema since childhood, over … Continued

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BBC News Anchor Accidentally Calls Male Colleague ‘Ally McBeal’ Live On Air

A BBC newsreader was left red-faced on Thursday evening after accidentally referring to colleague Aleem Maqbool as “Ally McBeal” live on air. Clive Myrie was introducing a segment about American actor Jussie Smollett, who has been arrested on charges of filing a false police report after claiming to be the victim of a racist and … Continued

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This Viral Video Of A Boy In A Wheelchair Bouncing On A Trampoline Is Everything

A four-year-old boy bouncing on a trampoline in his wheelchair is taking the internet by storm. A video of Wyatt Burggraff, who has spina bifida, jumping at TNT Kid’s Fitness & Gymnastics was posted on Thursday and has racked up six million views in under a week.   Who says that you can’t jump on … Continued

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Baby In Viral Video Who Is Filled With Glee Upon Viewing Herself In The Mirror Knows She Looks Good

A baby’s joyous relationship with her reflection is taking the internet by storm. Footage of four-month-old Khendi Mitchell being turned to look at a mirror has been viewed over a million times on Twitter, and her mother hopes it will teach people “to love themselves first”. I told y’all every morning we get in the … Continued

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Woman’s Rare Condition Causes Her Fingers To ‘Erupt’ In Cold Temperatures

A tailor has told of the agonizing moment when her fingers “erupted” due to a rare condition that makes her extremities hypersensitive to cold. For years, Alex Busby, 51, who lives in Warwickshire, put her ice-cold hands and feet down to poor circulation. But things came to a head in December 2018, when painful ulcers … Continued

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Former Boy Band Star Looks Almost Unrecognizable After Spending Thousands On Plastic Surgery For His ‘Fantasy Face’

A former boy band star has declared that there is no need for a “bank balance the size of Kim Kardashian’s” to look good, after achieving his “fantasy face” for $10,000. Inspired by artistic genius Leonardo Da Vinci’s sketches of the perfect facial proportions, with his career in the entertainment industry floundering, Ian Starr Kalatzis, … Continued

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Thousands Expected To Attend Flypast For US Airmen Thanks To Dedicated Pensioner

A pensioner whose lifelong dedication to 10 American airmen who died when their plane crashed 75 years ago prompted a planned memorial flypast believes thousands of people will turn out for the salute. Tony Foulds was eight years old in February 1944 when he witnessed the B-17 Flying Fortress, Mi Amigo, crash and explode in … Continued

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This Pair Of Inseparable Gay Penguins Just Got Married In An Epic Wedding Ceremony

Two devoted showbiz penguins got married in style, with their lavish big gay wedding day captured just in time for Valentine’s day. When Ferrari and Pringle tied the knot in their same-sex ceremony, there were make-up artists to ensure they looked their best, a chauffeur-driven Bentley and a beautiful Cotswolds venue, followed by a wedding … Continued