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Kit Duggan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s a content creator who most recently worked with Dictionary.com to write dozens of informal definitions for slang terms, memes, and emojis. Kit is an expert at petty Facebook arguments with strangers and has previously written for FanSided, RantSports, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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That Insane College Cheating Scandal Has Twitter Jokingly Claiming All Sorts Of Hilarious Things About Hollywood Celebs

The internet is totally obsessed with a college admission scandal that’s exposing how sneaky celebrities get their kids into top schools using bribes and illegal kickbacks. Actresses like Full House’s Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives are under scrutiny from federal investigators for helping their kids cheat on the SAT and get into top private schools … Continued


The Rock Tried To Get His Baby Daughter To Say He’s ‘Better Looking’ Than Barack Obama—And Her Response Was ‘Ego Crushing’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just got lowkey dunked on by his own daughter. The wrestler-turned-actor recently posted an epic Instagram video featuring his 10-month-old baby girl that’s blowing up online. In the viral video, Johnson asks his daughter to find “Dada” on a map of U.S presidents, and she adorably points to President Barrack Obama … Continued

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This Comedian Annually Trolls Manbabies On International Women’s Day In The Best Way

English comedian Richard Herring has a running gag about “International Men’s Day” that’s raising tens of thousands of dollars for charity. Herring spent International Women’s Day clowning the generic hordes of manbabies on Twitter complaining about the holiday. Clearly, the laws of physics dictate that a certain percentage of men cannot resist asking “But what … Continued


Woman Savages Post That Praises ‘Hustling’ On Weekends And We Couldn’t Agree More

Author, CEO and prominent LinkedIn user Trish Bertuzzi is drawing attention for her criticism of praise given to workers who hustle on the weekend. Bertuzzi argued on LinkedIn that working moms hustle seven days a week, yet rarely get the same credit as so-called “weekend grinders.” Tired of moms not being recognized as true hustlers, … Continued


The First ‘Shazam!’ Reviews Are Out And Fans Are Shocked They All Seem To Be In Agreement

DC’s Shazam!  is generating considerable buzz with critics leading up to its April 2019 release. Early screeners of the superhero action-comedy are trending positive, especially considering Shazam!’s rocky development history. Cinema Blend critic Eric Eisenberg recently gave major props to the quirky film for its “gleeful, childlike enthusiasm, & heartfelt perspective on family,” sending encouraging vibes to DC … Continued


OMG There’s A Cat Looks Exactly Like Ed Sheeran, And We Need Its New Album Right Meow

Redditor u/kalvin026 sent shockwaves through the internet after posting a cat with messy ginger hair that looks EXACTLY like singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The cat, who’s officially a Maine Coon, is drawing acclaim for his striking (and slightly grumpy) resemblance to the guitar playing heartthrob from England. But others reckon the lookalike cat looks pissed-off and … Continued

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Someone Photoshopped Elon Musk’s Face Onto The Rock’s Body—And The Resemblance Is Unsettling At Best

Elon Musk, certified meme-master, just posted a meme with his face photoshopped onto The Rock’s body. And strangely, the inventor’s face slapped on a bodybuilder’s frame still looks a lot like The Rock, Dwayne Johnson himself. The similarities are kind of mind-blowing, actually. People on Twitter were beyond amused by the eerie resemblance between the unlikely … Continued


Martha Stewart’s Helpful ‘Tip’ For Cooking Lobster Is Honestly Dark AF

Martha Stewart recently shared a dark tip about giving lobsters a shot of vodka before boiling them alive. Martha Stewart’s influence touches on nearly every sphere of domestic life: whether it’s cooking (baking, grilling or hors d’oeuvre-ing), entertaining. housekeeping, flower-arranging, or weddings—so it’s not surprising she has an opinion about how to cook lobsters. In fact, … Continued

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Someone Just Upped The WTF Factor Of ‘Resident Evil 2’ With A Bizarre Thomas The Tank Engine Mod

Fans of Resident Evil 2 just modified the horror game to feature a bloodthirsty version of Thomas the Tank Engine — and people are freaking out. In the bizarre mod, Thomas the Tank Engine replaces Mr. X, a terrifying monstrosity who ambushes players and can’t be killed. Mr. X’s ominous footsteps are replaced with cheerful … Continued

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Texas Lawmaker Gets Dragged For Saying Antibiotics Can Treat The Measles So Vaccines Are Unnecessary

Texas Republican lawmaker Bill Zedler is under fire after downplaying the seriousness of measles outbreaks in the United States. Zedler, who serves in his state’s House of Representatives, recently told The Texas Observer that only people in Third World countries die of measles. Apparently unaware of the outbreak in his own state, Zedler went on … Continued


‘It: Chapter 2’ Will Feature The Bloodiest Scene In Film History, Jessica Chastain Reveals

Pennywise the Clown will return for another bloodbath in the sequel based on Maineiac horror master Stephen King’s 1986 novel It. Actress Jessica Chastain, who’ll play grown-up Beverly Marsh, shockingly claimed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that It: Chapter Two will feature the bloodiest scene in horror film history. Chastain told Jimmy Fallon … Continued


Tabitha And Stephen King Call Out Sexist Media Reporting In Brilliant Facebook Post

Novelist Tabitha King and husband Stephen King just clowned on sexist media coverage in a scathing Facebook post. Stephen King posted the sharp response from Tabitha after headlines dubbing her “Stephen King’s wife” rather than her name followed the couple’s $1.25M donation to the New England Historic Genealogical Society. “Wife is a relationship or status. … Continued