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Kit Duggan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s a content creator who most recently worked with Dictionary.com to write dozens of informal definitions for slang terms, memes, and emojis. Kit is an expert at petty Facebook arguments with strangers and has previously written for FanSided, RantSports, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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Cardi B Sends A Message Of Support To Britney Spears And Opens Up About Her Dreams For A Future Collaboration

Cardi B recently sent a tender message of support to another gilded queen of pop. ET’s Katie Krause interviewed Cardi on a range of subjects before the unveiling of her Fashion Nova line in Los Angeles.  Britney Spears came up, who recently drew attention for working out to Cardi’s music on Instagram. But Britney’s also … Continued

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Meghan McCain’s Husband Apologizes For Homophobic Twitter Rant Against Seth Meyers After Tense Interview

Is NBC late-night host Seth Meyers a cuck? Meghan McCain’s husband certainly thinks so, but recently apologized for “rage tweeting” about Meyers. Ben Domenech took issue with the host’s interview with Meghan in which she was pressed on her comments about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s remarks on 9/11 and her supposed anti-Semitism. But Domenech’s criticisms of … Continued

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Dating Show Under Fire For Sending Same-Sex Couple On A Romantic Getaway To A Country Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

You’d think a same-sex dating show would know better. 🤦 British reality show Blind Date recently shipped two male bisexual contestants off to vacation at a destination where same-sex couples are illegal. Jordan Shannon and Jesse Drew arrived in Saint Lucia in the West Indies (a Caribbean island) only to learn same-sex acts are punishable … Continued

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Guy Wants His Dream Job At Disney World So Bad That He Takes Out An Expensive Highway Billboard

Ex-Disney intern Brandon Fox is determined to make his way back to the Magic Kingdom. Fox previously worked for Disney World as part of the company’s college program. He used to accompany characters around the park and drive parade floats. Sounds fun! But since his college days, Brandon hasn’t been able to snag a permanent … Continued

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Florida Fugitive On A Bike Honestly Thought A Bad Blonde Wig Would Be Enough To Evade Authorities

By now, we all know that Florida spawns the most absurd criminals, but this guy might be the new Florida Man. The alleged drug dealer was recently snatched up by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office while bicycling around his neighborhood in a blonde wig. Robert “Bobby” Walls tried to avoid police on drug charges, but … Continued

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This Viral Video Of A Tiny Shrek Expertly Running A Dog Agility Course Is Hilariously Bizarre

Ogres aren’t typically known for their speed or agility, but prepare to see the character Shrek from the DreamWorks movie of the same name like NEVER before. The delightful edit posted by @chanbahi features a miniature Shrek darting through an obstacle course for show dogs. It just exploded on social media, racking up well-over 500k … Continued


Victoria Beckham Gives ‘Unusual’ Birthday Gift To Her Husband David Beckham And We Totally Get It

Football legend David Beckham got the strangest presents for his 44th birthday. Maybe you’d expect a supercharged Maserati or diamond-encrusted watch from wife Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, but David’s birthday gifts turned out super ordinary. Beckham recently posted an Instagram story showing off his presents: $14 French deodorant, shirt cuffs, and a couple of cards. … Continued


Victorian Women Were Once Asked ‘Why Are You A Spinster?’ And Their Responses Are Savage

Spinsters were the ‘crazy cat lady’ of the Victorian era — considered bonkers for refusing to marry. But historian Dr. Bob Nicholson recently shared a few savage quotes from women who actually preferred the single life, even in the nineteenth century. Their defiant words were printed in a humor magazine called ‘Tit-Bits’ in 1889, in … Continued

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This Video Of A Guy Rolling Down A Hill In An Out-Of-Control Inner Tube Goes South Really Fast—But Wait For It…

Every now and then, a video comes along that’s pure brilliance: internet gold. Today’s magic combination? An Australia daredevil who flirts within inches of death but LIVES for the epic win and earns countless internet points. The astounding viral video filmed by Brisbane man James Straker features his friend crawling into an inner tube, plummeting … Continued

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Scientists Predict That Humans Will Soon Resort To Maggot-Based Sausages—And We’re Now Officially Anti-Science

Would you eat a maggot meat hot dog? If you’re asking the opinion of this humble blogger: Never ever ever ever. But scientists disagree, with some suggesting insect meat could be vital to the survival of the human race. Researchers in Australia are showing off a brand-new “maggot sausage” designed to combat future food scarcity. It … Continued

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Netflix’s New Show About Dominatrixes Has Sex Workers Crying Foul

Representation matters… but Netflix doesn’t always get it right. Sex Workers and BDSM enthusiasts aren’t pleased with Bonding, a new Netflix original that appears to misrepresent relationships between “subs” and “doms.” Rolling Stone recently critiqued the show for “glossing over how doms and subs negotiate boundaries and consent.” Critics are savaging Bonding for its reinforcement of … Continued


‘Brady Bunch’ Star Maureen McCormick Slams Anti-Vaxxers For Using A Marcia Brady Meme To Further Their Agenda

Anti-vaxxers are taking medical advice from a 50-year-old episode of The Brady Bunch, and actress Maureen McCormick is furious about it. McCormick (who played oldest sister Marcia Brady) recently spoke out against a popular meme based on a controversial 1969 episode called “Is There a Doctor in the House?” in which half the Brady family … Continued