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Kit Duggan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s a content creator who most recently worked with Dictionary.com to write dozens of informal definitions for slang terms, memes, and emojis. Kit is an expert at petty Facebook arguments with strangers and has previously written for FanSided, RantSports, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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Kristen Bell Swiftly Shuts Down Critic Who Accuses Her Of ‘Exploiting’ A Child Actor In Her New Commercial

Actress Kristen Bell isn’t apologizing for hiring a child actor in a recent comedy skit about her new diaper brand. Bell and husband Dax Shepard and known for keeping the privacy of their two daughters on total lockdown. But the couple received harsh criticism on Instagram for appearing with someone else’s child in the brief advertisement. Kristen Bell clapped … Continued


Ariana Grande Brilliantly Shuts Down Fans Who Call Her Out For Daring To Sleep With Makeup On

Ariana Grande just clapped back against her own fans after they trolled her for wearing makeup to bed. We all know the chart-topping pop star is more-or-less flawless, but some eagle-eyed fans noticed Grande appeared to have makeup smudges in a morning selfie. These days, Ariana literally can’t post a selfie without making the news, so … Continued

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Today’s WTF Moment Includes Learning That Amy Klobuchar Once Ate A Salad With A Comb

U.S. Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar just went viral for eating her salad with a comb. The bizarre tidbit comes from a profile in The New York Times that described how Klobuchar once chewed out her staff on an airplane for misplacing the fork for her salad. Without any utensils in sight, the Senator reached into her … Continued


Woman’s ‘Ball In Box’ Analogy Describing Grief And Loss Has Everyone Nodding

Grief and loss aren’t easy to explain. We all react and recover differently from traumatic events, but a woman on Twitter has the internet relating hard with her simple analogy for coping with grief. Lauren Herschel, a Canadian blogger and dog lover, shared “The Ball And The Box” on Twitter after dealing with grief over her … Continued


There Is An Entire Instagram Account Dedicated To The Outrageous Fashion Of ‘The Sopranos’

The Sopranos is beloved for its cast of mobsters and murderers, but one popular Instagram page is highlighting the killer fashion worn on the HBO series. From Tony Soprano’s hilarious bowling shirts to Adriana’s frilly wedding dress, “sopranosstyle” celebrates the weirdest costume and wardrobe choices from the show’s six-season run. It also features random props from … Continued

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College Basketball Star’s Shoe Basically Explodes During Game—And Sends Nike Stock Plummeting

Duke basketball star Zion Williamson just exploded out of his sneakers during a game, causing a freak injury that sent Nike’s stock price tumbling. 18-year-old Williamson, who’s been hyped as the next LeBron James, pivoted aggressively towards the basket against North Carolina before the rubber sole tore apart from his shoe. The bizarre accident left … Continued


Diplo Wanted To Photoshop Some Randos Out Of A Photo, So John Mayer Stepped Up…Kind Of

Electronic musician Diplo never expected “John Mayer Digital Editing” would respond to his request for Photoshop help. Diplo posted on Instagram looking to scrub three randos from a picture of him taking a dip in Cape Town, and John Mayer delivered. But the psychedelic DJ was shocked to see a watermark slapped over the image with … Continued

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A Viral Photo Of Trump At The Breakfast Bar Of His Golf Course During The So-Called ‘National Emergency’ Is Getting Trolled Hard

President Donald Trump just declared a national emergency at the southern border — so naturally, he’s firing up the omelet station and playing a few rounds of golf. The internet is howling after a photo of Trump at his golf course’s breakfast bar leaked online. Everything from the room’s ugly interior to its multiple containers … Continued


The Sprouse Brothers Just Savaged Each Other On Instagram And We Can’t Get Enough

Twin brothers Cole and Dylan Sprouse aren’t afraid to roast and embarrass one another in front of the entire world. Their delightfully petty sibling rivalry just went viral after Cole posted a joke about smoking on Instagram. His brother Dylan responded out of nowhere, making fun of his twin in the comments section. Dylan wrote: … Continued


Ben Affleck Confirms What Everyone’s Been Hearing About The Future Of ‘Batman’

Ben Affleck recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to announce he’s officially retiring as Batman. Affleck plans to hang up the Baitsuit and move out of the Batcave confirming persistent rumors of his exit from the DC Universe over creative differences. But fans of the legendary caped crusader aren’t convinced Affleck will go down in history like … Continued

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Theresa May Made The Grossest Confession About Her Expired Food Habit, And The Internet Did Not Take It Well

British Prime Minister Theresa May just admitted she scrapes mold from the top of her jelly and eats what’s underneath — and the internet is totally grossed-out (–for lack of better term…duh!) May brought up the bizarre habit during a Cabinet discussion about reducing food waste. The controversial Prime Minister tried to humble-brag about her jam conservation, but most … Continued


Jessica Simpson’s Photo Of Her Very Pregnant Self Trying To Squeeze Between Two Cars Has Moms Relating Hard

Jessica Simpson’s baby bump is going viral on Instagram after she posted a picture of herself failing to squeeze between two cars. The hilarious picture shows the singer throwing up a peace sign while pretending to be wedged between the vehicles. Simpson is expecting her third child with her husband (and former NFL player) Eric … Continued