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Kit Duggan lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He’s a content creator who most recently worked with Dictionary.com to write dozens of informal definitions for slang terms, memes, and emojis. Kit is an expert at petty Facebook arguments with strangers and has previously written for FanSided, RantSports, and Berrett-Koehler Publishers.

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Illinois Senate Agrees To Bar Trump From Ballot In 2020 If He Doesn’t Release His Taxes

The Illinois State Senate is sick and tired of President Donald Trump ducking and dodging the release of his tax returns. Lawmakers recently approved a bill that would prevent Trump from appearing on the Illinois ballot in 2020 unless he releases five years of tax returns — but it still requires approval from the state’s … Continued

The Scoop

Eric And Lara Trump’s Pregnancy Announcement Is Being Met With Some Predictably Trolling Responses

Baby announcements are typically a time for celebration — but people were downright annoyed to learn another Trump is about to spawn into the universe. Eric Trump recently told social media he and wife Lara are expecting their second child. Hooray? It’s pretty messed up to ridicule a pregnancy announcement, and I’m not going to … Continued

They Tried It

Apparently There’s A Group Of Middle-Aged Women Who Believe They Are Married To Snape On The ‘Astral Plane,’ And It Just Gets Weirder

The Harry Potter fandom pumps out some strange theories, but someone on Reddit just unearthed the weirdest one yet. The viral Reddit post linked to a study in a scientific journal on self-proclaimed “Snapists” who believe they’re in a romantic relationship with Hogwarts Potions Master Severus Snape. Researcher Zoe Alderton’s shocking study details the lives of … Continued


Chris Hemsworth Makes Some Hilarious ‘Improvements’ To His ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Co-Stars’ Posters In Viral Video

Avengers fever is taking over the nation, and superstars like Chris Hemsworth are getting into the spirit. Thor: God of Thunder trolled his castmates on press tour by vandalizing their promotional posters for Avengers: Endgame with a sharpie. His “improvements” to the photos included drawing a quirky mustache on Paul Rudd’s face and scribbling “I … Continued

They Tried It

Some Genius Literally Tried To Dry Out A Wet Baseball Field By Pouring Gasoline On It And Setting It On Fire

Authorities in Ridgefield, Connecticut, are investigating a bit of foul play after someone set a high school baseball field on fire to dry up its soggy dirt and grass. It’s unclear who lit the surprise blaze, but a viral Facebook post from the Town of Ridgefield explained the “poor decision” to dump 24 gallons of … Continued

They Tried It

Florida Man Gets Released From Jail Only To Be Arrested For Burglary Minutes Later

Florida man strikes again! And this time, it’s a real doozy. 37-year-old Casey Lewis was originally arrested on a grand theft charge, but the crook’s boneheaded crime spree didn’t stop there. He bonded out of jail Thursday, only to be caught moments later burglarizing cars in the jail’s parking lot. In a perfect case of … Continued

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A Rave Is Coming To Versailles’ Hall Of Mirrors And We’re Royally Freaking Out

The Palace of Versailles will play host to an epic rave in its famous Hall of Mirrors. History buffs know the French aristocracy loved getting crunk at the luxurious palace. But Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette probably never imagined their gilded hall would host a group of techno DJ’s for “Versailles Électro.” And the proletariat … Continued

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The Story Of A ‘Teen’ Who Claimed He’s The Missing Timmothy Pitzen Just Got A Whole Lot Crazier

Why on earth would somebody pretend to be a missing child? Police are questioning 23-year-old Michael Rini after he falsely claimed to be the missing Timmothy Pitzen, an Illinois boy who went missing in 2011. The disturbing hoax not only fooled media outlets, but also re-victimized Timmothy’s family members who dared to hope the child … Continued


Someone Crashed A Stolen Car Into Taylor Swift’s Front Gate, And She Responded In Epic Fashion

Taylor Swift knows a thing or two about getaway cars, but probably never expected a stolen Nissan would smash into the gates of her Rhode Island home. Reports indicate three teenagers aged 16, 18 and 19 tried to escape police after an officer noticed their car had no license plates. It’s unclear whether Swift was … Continued

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London Transit’s Twitter Account Has Been Weirding People Out With Its ‘Morpheus’ Tweets—And We’re Totally In The Matrix, You Guys

Transport for London’s Twitter account creeped their followers out after a series of baffling posts about “Morpheus.” Passengers couldn’t help but think of The Matrix as Transport for London appeared to spam the character’s name repeatedly. Of course, Morpheus offers Neo a blue and red pill in the 1999 science-fiction epic, spawning countless memes about … Continued


‘Bachelor’ Winner Cassie Reportedly Returned The Massive Engagement Ring Colton Gave Her, And We’re Cringing

Colton Underwood met the lady of his dreams on The Bachelor, but apparently, she’s not a fan of his taste in jewelry. Cassie Randolph reportedly asked fiancé Colton to return her engagement ring after discovering he purchased a double halo square cut ring. While some may criticize that as rude, he agreed to replace the ring … Continued

The Scoop

Miami Music Festival Is Being Called ‘Fyre Festival 2’ After Shuttle Bus Disaster

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival is drawing comparisons to the infamous Fyre Festival after nightmarishly long lines for shuttle buses caused a chaotic scene on the island of Virginia Key. After last Friday’s final show ended, festival attendees waited in hours-long lines for a small fleet of buses that failed to shuttle enough people back to … Continued