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Koh Mochizuki is a New York-based actor and writer. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, he received his B.A. in English literature and is fluent in Japanese. Disney parks are his passion. Instagram: kohster Twitter: @kohster1 Flickr: nyckmoe

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Duchess Camilla Winking Behind Trump’s Back Is A Pure Mood—And Twitter Is Obsessed

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, became Twitter royalty after making a gesture that summed up everything about Donald Trump’s state visit to the U.K. with a smirk and a wink. On Monday, the president and First Lady Melania headed over to meet with Prince Charles and the Duchess for tea at their residence at Clarence … Continued

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Trump’s Attempt To Discredit ‘Fake News’ That He Called Meghan Markle ‘Nasty’ Turns Into An Incredible Self-Own

Donald Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty” in an interview after he was alerted to her 2016 comment about threatening to move to Canada, where she worked at the time, if he became president. During an interview with The Sun in the Oval Office ahead of his state visit to London on Monday, Trump said about … Continued

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Gloating Driver Who Fled Traffic Stop Is Arrested After Making 911 Call Mocking Police

A 19-year-old driver from St. John’s County, Florida was arrested on May 5 for multiple charges after fleeing from a traffic stop and then bragging about his escape. He called 911 and asked why the police didn’t catch him. According to a St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, Nicholas Jones outran a deputy who … Continued

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James McAvoy Explains Why ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’ Needed All Those Reshoots

Too much of a good thing does have its consequences. Marvel superhero films are bonafide blockbuster hits and have fans chomping at the bit for more sequels and spinoffs, but it’s inevitable that a new Marvel film clashes with other familiar plot points in the MCU. Scottish actor James McAvoy, who plays Professor Charles Xavier … Continued

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Ansel Elgort Just Randomly Shared 17 Shirtless Pics On Instagram, And Nobody Knows WTF Is Going On

Ansel Elgort overdid it on Instagram. We’re not sure what kick he was on, but he decided to post 17 consecutive selfies in under ten minutes. Was he trying to perfect the art of the selfie, inflate his ego over his winsome looks, or experimenting with his artistic side? We shouldn’t care, because apparently social … Continued

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A Male Starbucks Barista Tried To Lecture A Pregnant Woman About Her Caffeine Intake, And Twitter Is Furious

Usually, Starbucks patrons help themselves to some cream or sugar, but one barista thought he would offer unsolicited advice along with one customer’s order of a Caramel Macchiato. Tensions brewed between a pregnant woman and a male Starbucks barista who mansplained to her the unsubstantiated warning about drinking caffeine during pregnancy. Comedian Tiffany Stevenson wrote … Continued

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TV Meteorologist Absolutely Goes Off On ‘Bachelorette’ Fans Complaining About His Coverage Of A Deadly Tornado

The Bachelorette fans may not appreciate this, but an emergency weather alerts always take precedence over a reality competition show that has high stakes over nothing. Isn’t your life more important than seeing whose hearts will be broken? Meteorologist Jamie Simpson definitely thinks so. Locals in Ohio did not forecast the Dayton Fox 45 weatherman … Continued

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Taylor Swift Calls Out Double Standard And Refuses To Answer Reporter’s Sexist Question During Interview

Taylor Swift is about to turn 30, and when a German reporter asked her a question she deemed sexist, she politely refused to respond. According to a translated interview published in Friday’s German Deutsche Presse-Agentur, the “ME!” singer was asked: “Is this a kind of turning point in your life? Would you like to be … Continued

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Trump Misspelled Joe Biden’s Name In A Tweet Attacking His IQ—And The Irony Is Rich

In Twitter news this weekend, President Donald Trump showed his support for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un while taking a swipe at former Vice President Joe Biden. Users were mortified over Trump’s bonding with the dictator whose regime launched an unidentified short-range missile on Saturday, but Twitter also focused on the President’s  misspelling of … Continued


Sylvester Stallone Shares Photo Of His 44-Year-Old Pet Turtles From The Original ‘Rocky’ With Fans

Sylvester Stallone delighted Rocky fans with a special treat on his Instagram page. The 72-year-old actor showed fans his reunion with his co-stars from the iconic 1976 boxing movie, Cuff and Link, who are turtles that shared a scene with Stallone. The hard-shelled duo made a cameo in Stallone’s 2018 Creed II. They are still … Continued

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Twitter Is Naturally Memeing The Sh*t Out Of That Trump Quote Graphic Tweeted Out By The White House

It’s been over a month since Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report was released. Yet Donald Trump continues to let the world know there was “no collusion” and “no obstruction.” On Wednesday, Trump walked out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that was supposed to cover national infrastructure … Continued

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Don Trump Jr. Just Landed A Book Deal, And Twitter Is Roasting Him Hard With Fake Titles

Everyone has a story to tell — even Donald Trump Jr. Just don’t go looking for his published work in the funnies because that’s not the genre he’s going for. The President’s eldest child with ex-wife Ivana just inked a book deal with Center Street Books, and according to Politico, “publisher Rolf Zettersten and Center … Continued