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Eco-Friendly Scrunchies For Your Inner 90s Kid

I truly admire people who can leave their hair in a ponytail all day; Ariana Grande, we’re looking at you. I don’t understand how they don’t get a roaring headache. Let’s face it, hairbands treat your hair poorly. Once your hair is in a bun, there’s no going back! Opting to avoid the “bun of … Continued

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British Airways Apologizes After Plane Somehow Mistakenly Flies To Edinburgh Instead Of Düsseldorf

Sometimes traveling can be a pain. This time it was worse than expected. British Airways passengers were mistakenly flown to Edinburgh rather than Dusseldorf due to a paperwork error. The pilot of Flight BA3271 took off from London City shortly after 7:30 AM on Monday and followed instructions to fly to the Scottish capital instead … Continued

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Woman Believes Her Bizarre Health Problems May Have Stemmed From Her Moldy Home

Plagued for years by baffling symptoms including exhaustion, memory loss and her hair coming out in clumps, a woman now fears her illness have been caused by living in a moldy apartment. Emma Marshall, moved into a property in Hackney, east London, in 2014, and noticed “thick black mold” in the bathroom, but she did … Continued

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Little Girl’s Rare Skin Condition Caused Her Skin To Instantly Harden As Soon As She Was Born

The parents of a girl born with an ultra-rare skin condition causing hard, diamond-shaped white patches to form across her body recalled seeing their daughter who “didn’t even look like a baby” for the first time, as “mind blowing.” But devoted parents Jennie and James Riley soon saw past the extraordinary patches which covered her … Continued


People Are Flooding Social Media With Jason Momoa For The Best Reason, And We’re Not Complaining

Jason Momoa fans have been sharing pictures of the Aquaman star in an effort to rid social media of the similarly-named Momo meme. Images of the actor and the hashtag #MomoaChallenge were posted to displace the so-called “Momo challenge”, a viral hoax which falsely claimed videos of a ghoulish creature were encouraging children to self-harm. … Continued