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Mike is a writer, dancer, actor, and singer who recently graduated with his MFA from Columbia University. Mike's daily ambitions are to meet new dogs and make new puns on a daily basis. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mikerowavables.

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The Scoop

Pete Buttigieg Keeps His Cool After A Bee Won’t Leave Him Alone During Speech In Iowa

When a bee flies around near you, are you prone to screaming and running away as fast as possible? Well, not Pete Buttigieg. The Democratic presidential hopeful showed that his presidency would have a cool head when a bee landed on his tie and would not leave him alone during a speech in Elkader, Iowa. … Continued


Natasha Lyonne Just Gave Nicole Kidman’s Oscars Clap A Run For Its Money With Her Own Awkward Emmys Version

Do we all remember Nicole Kidman’s awkward Oscars clap? It was the thing of meme beauty and went viral almost as soon as it hit the airwaves. For those who don’t remember, here is a reminder: It looks like she has never given a round of applause before.  At one point, she actually appears to … Continued


People Started FaceTiming Chrissy Teigen After She Accidentally Posted Her Email Address On Twitter

When you’re famous, or just plain old internet famous, you have to be really careful about the information you let out onto the internet. Chrissy Teigen learned this lesson the hardest way when she accidentally posted her email address to Twitter and people started FaceTiming her: oh my god people are FaceTiming me. was 100% … Continued

The Scoop

Arizona High School Dance Team Goes Viral With Impressive ‘Avengers’ Homecoming Dance Routine

In the continuing topic of this high school is way cooler than yours, Walden Grove High School in in Sahuarita, Arizona put together a dance team routine that will start your Monday off with a multi-universe bang. The dance was inspired by Marvel. Yes—Marvel.  “How is this possible?” you may ask.  “What magic is this?” … Continued

The Scoop

Bullied Kid’s Homemade T-Shirt Gets Turned Into Official University Of Tennessee Merchandise

One simple act of kindness can really make the difference in somebody’s life. Laura Snyder, a Florida elementary school teacher, shared the story of what happened when one of her 4th grade students wore a homemade t-shirt to show his support for the University Of Tennessee on the elementary school’s “College Color Day.” 9/6/19 – … Continued

They Tried It

Couple Goes Viral With Their Corny ’80s-Inspired Engagement Photos From JCPenney

Have you ever wanted to White people harder than you’ve ever White peopled before? Well Madison Moxley and her fiancé Mason Whitis are achieving your dreams, one step back into fashion past at a time. Take a look here. No, this is not from the 1980s. This is now and it was deliberate. “This is … Continued


The New Host Of ‘Blues Clues’ Says He’s Flattered By All The People Thirsting Over Him, But ‘It Is A Little Weird’

Do you think Steve or Joe ever had to deal with this? Josh Dela Cruz, the host of Nick Nick Jr.’s reboot of Blue’s Clues, is kind of a lil’ cutie. The show was on the air from 1996-2006. Now a new generation will get to solve problems with Blue and her human companion. Cruz shared the … Continued


Christina Hendricks Shares That She Was On The Poster For ‘American Beauty’, And Fans Had No Idea

When you think Christina Hendricks, you think Mad Men, right? Hendricks portrayed Joan Holloway on the critically acclaimed TV show for all seven seasons. We remember her for amazing moments like this: But then we say American Beauty, and you don’t think of Christina Hendricks, right? As well you shouldn’t, because she wasn’t technically in the movie. There … Continued

The Scoop

Granddaughter Keeps Recording Herself Scaring Her Grandfather After He Bets She Can’t Scare Him

Never make a bet with someone younger than you or more persistent. While “old age and cunning” may defeat “youth and skill,” those young’uns have got stamina on their side. YouTube user Don’t Die Wondering had a bet going with her grandfather that she couldn’t scare him. So, she took it upon herself to make … Continued