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Twitter Has A Lot To Say About The Latest ‘Batman’ Casting Announcement

When it comes to DC Comics, Batman is one of its most famous heroes, and beloved by many. For that reason, there have been many adaptations of Batman movies, each iteration featuring different actors donning the famous black hood. Adam West made his mark, and is considered the definitive Batman for many fans. Other notable … Continued


Stephen Colbert Just Asked Keanu Reeves What Happens When We Die, And His Answer Is Peak Keanu Reeves

If you’ve ever seen Keanu Reeves do an interview, you know he’s a fun guy. Of course, that’s to be expected from the man who starred in Speed, The Matrix trilogy, and of course, the John Wick series. For those of you who don’t know, John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum comes out this week, … Continued


These Photos Of Jude Law Walking Around In Skimpy Underwear While Filming ‘The New Pope’ Have Twitter Feeling Sinful

It’s unsurprising that many actors, especially those appearing in film, are beautiful. Why else would anyone cast them to appear on what is literally called the big screen? Okay, so there’s acting ability to consider, but it seems Hollywood has mastered the art of finding people who have both acting chops and good looks. Case … Continued

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Woman’s ‘Daydreaming’ Turns Out to Be Epileptic Seizures—But Her Crippling Anxiety Makes Her Hide The Diagnosis For Years

A woman whose “daydreaming” that turned out to actually be epileptic seizures was so riddled with anxiety over her diagnosis that she kept it a secret for five years. While teachers thought she was not paying attention in class, Jasmine Banovic, now 21, was actually having absent seizures, where people become unconscious for a few … Continued


Mark Hamill’s Message To This ‘Star Wars’ Superfan Who Just Got A BB-8 Bionic Arm Is Giving Us All The Feels

Luke Skywalker has sent his congratulations to an 11-year-old Star Wars superfan after he was the first in the world to receive a BB-8 inspired bionic arm cover. Actor Mark Hamill tweeted the special message to Cameron Millar, from Edinburgh, who was born without a right arm. Open Bionics, which manufactures the Hero Arm, shared … Continued

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Former Shopaholic Ditches Her Expensive Lifestyle To Become The Frugal Coupon Queen

In an astonishing  turn of events, a former shopaholic, who closed her thriving business to spend more time with her baby boy, has taken up couponing and yellow sticker shopping. She’s now being ultra-frugal – managing to slash her grocery shop spend by three quarters. Owning an upmarket beauty salon for seven years, Charlene Price-Jones, … Continued


Credit Card Company’s Website Glitch Gives A Female Customer An Unintentionally Sexist Error

It is 2019 and the world is still a sexist place. People continue to ignore trends that may make women feel insecure, men continue to consider themselves entitled when it comes to women, and some people assume women can’t be doctors. A twitter user named Nicola, aka Nikki, was trying to fill out a form … Continued

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Gay Couple’s Random Holiday Threesome Blossoms Into A Polyamorous ‘Throuple’ After They Fall In Love With Him

A gay couple who became a polyamorous “throuple” after enjoying a holiday threesome so much that they asked their new bedfellow to become their boyfriend, say they would even like a three-way wedding one day. Workplace trainer Thomas Fennemore, 28, and Jonny, 32, a senior admin worker at a defense company had been together for … Continued

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World’s Sneakiest Dog Goes Mega-Viral For Stealthily Stealing French Fries

We all know french fries taste better when we steal them off someone’s else’s plate. Rab, a three-year-old labrador and cocker spaniel cross definitely agrees. Rab’s owners, Ross and Anna Paget, took the dog along when went out to dinner at the Safari Lounge in Edinburgh. As they were eating, they noticed Rab stealthily nabbing … Continued

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Theresa May Just Quoted A Cartoon Meerkat In Response To A Brexit Question, And People Can’t Even

With the news being consumed by President Trump’s stupidity, it’s easy to forget he’s not the only nation leader that can make the world want to seriously rethink the way we vote politicians into office. Theresa May just recently proved that once again. The Members of Parliament received a surprise in the House of Commons … Continued

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Zoos Are Hilariously Naming Their Own Punny ‘Aquademy’ Award Nominees On Twitter

If your main problem with the Oscars is that they don’t feature enough aquatic animals, you could be in luck. Zoos and aquariums have been dishing out their own watery gongs in the pun-tastically named “Aquademy Awards.” It’s here! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to sealebrate this year’s nominees for the … Continued