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Trump’s Double ‘Smocking Gun’ Typo Is Getting Totally Roasted By The Internet 😂

As the door closes on the second year of Donald Trump’s presidency, we’ve all learned two things: 1.) Presidents who can’t spell shouldn’t tweet 2.) If they insist on tweeting anyway, they will get made fun of mercilessly. That’s right; Donald Trump has once again become a target on social media for making a typo, … Continued

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Woman Claims She’s Only Eaten Fruit For The Last 27 Years — And She Never Gets Hungry

A mom whose Christmas dinner consists of eight dates and half a melon has extolled the virtues of the fruit-only diet she has followed for 27 years. She says she never gets hungry, and even gives the same raw food to her children. Thinking nothing of taking her own food to restaurants, Anne Osborne, 52, of Glass … Continued

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People Have Created A Competition To Avoid Hearing ‘Last Christmas’ Called ‘Whamageddon’—And We’re Already Playing

This holiday season, how would you like to take part in a ferocious competition that is already under way all across the globe? If this sounds like something you want to do, you’ve come to the right place! What is this competition? To be the very last person to hear the song Last Christmas by Wham! … Continued

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Guy’s Parents Reignite Romance 7 Years After Divorcing—And The Hallmark Movie Virtually Writes Itself 😂

Most children of divorce have the same wish: for their parents to get back together. It rarely ever happens, but it seemed to happen for Twitter user @VirgoVonnie. @VirgoVonnie’s parents went on a date seven years after their divorce, and when his mother, Katrina, texted him after the date, he had to post the exchange … Continued


Bear Casually Walks Into Police Station On Two Legs In Viral Video Like He Owns The Joint 😮

There are a multitude of people who walk into police stations. Police officers, concerned citizens wanting to report a crime, bears… Okay, so maybe bears aren’t the run of the mill guests at a police station, but one particular bear didn’t get the memo.  Remarkable CCTV footage shows the moment the bear opened a door … Continued

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Someone Left An Infuriating Note On A Police Car While They Were Attending A ‘Life Or Death Situation’ 😡

A resident put an angry note on a police car while officers attended to a “potentially life or death situation” involving a distressed neighbor. Surrey Police posted the note on Facebook, revealing that, when confronted by the officers, the person who wrote the note told them: “I don’t care, it’s not my emergency.” The incident … Continued


This Viral Video Of A French Bulldog Puppy Carelessly Stumbling Into A Swimming Pool Is Giving Us Life 😂

Puppies have a tendency to do the silliest things, and French bulldog Karma proved she’s no exception, as she accidentally plunged into a swimming pool! Posting the adorably unfortunate video to Twitter, user @kaylinxrose, aka Kaylin said: “My sister’s puppy first time visiting the pool went like this…” The four-month-old puppy belongs to Kaylin’s sister, and … Continued