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Winona Sioux Christnot-Peters is a writer/web designer and aspiring librarian based in Northern Maine. When not writing or in class, they devote much of their time to multiple non-profit organizations, largely focusing on LGBTQ+ rights and animal welfare. During rare moments of free time Winona enjoys video and tabletop games, as well as various nerdy fiber crafts such as crocheting (mainly amigurumi Pokémon, cat toys, and blankets) and counted cross stitch.

Articles by Winona Sioux Christnot-Peters


Someone Photoshopped Nicolas Cage’s Face Onto Ross’s From ‘Friends,’ And It’s Deeply Unsettling

There’s a new face-swap image making the rounds on Reddit, and it’s oddly disturbing. Someone swapped Nicolas Cage‘s face with that of David Schwimmer as Ross Geller in Friends, and some people are having a hard time seeing the difference. The trend of photoshopping Nicolas Cage’s face onto things isn’t a new one but with … Continued


Sophie Turner Slams Tweet That Used A Meme Of Her As Sansa Stark To Promote White Supremacy

Sophie Turner, known for her roles as Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones and Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise, has no patience for racists. After seeing a tweet of a white supremacist meme using an image of her as Sansa Stark, Turner’s response was immediate and indignant: “Ew. Please don’t use me to promote racism.“ The … Continued

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Roger Stone Had The Nerve To Threaten Someone’s Dog And People Are PISSED ????

If you’re not caught up on the convoluted mess that is American politics lately, you should know that Roger Stone is a political advisor who worked with president Trump during his bid for the presidency. Stone was recently arrested and indicted on charges of one count of obstruction of an official proceeding; five counts of false … Continued


Good For You If You Knew This ‘Fact’ About Harry Potter’s Scar, But We Honestly Had No Idea ????

Even if you’ve never read Harry Potter, or seen any of the movies, you’re probably familiar with Harry’s lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead. References to the book series and the movies that followed are nearly ubiquitous on the internet. Many people simply assumed this to be a simple style choice by the author, J.K. Rowling, … Continued


Someone Made A ‘Documentary’ About Their Friend’s Suspicious Lack Of Hands As A Secret Santa Gift ????

When you think about being a “good friend,” you most likely think about things like being there for the other person and spending time hanging out together. You probably do not think of secretly filming them for over a week to make a gag video about their apparent lack of hands for a Secret Santa … Continued

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Woman ‘Suffers’ From A Rare Medical Condition That Renders Her Unable To Hear Men’s Voices–And We Can See The Upside

A woman in China, identified only as Ms. Chen, recently developed a form of hearing loss that prevents her from hearing the voices of men. Reverse-slope hearing loss, also known as low-frequency hearing loss, prevents sufferers from hearing low-frequency tones such as men’s voices. Chen reported ringing in her ears and nausea the night before … Continued

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Someone Trained Their Dog To Respond To ‘Harry Potter’ Spells And OMG We’re Stupified ????

Actress and YouTuber Anna Brisbin posted an adorable video of her dog Remus to Twitter today and it’s causing quite a stir. Remus, who has his own Instagram account, is trained to do many things on-command. What is unique about Remus’ training, though, is that he responds to Harry Potter spells instead of the usual … Continued


The Creator Of ‘Saw’ Just Addressed A Popular Fan Theory Linking Jigsaw To ‘Home Alone’ ????

Fan theories abound on the internet, and there is often very little evidence to support them. Every once in a while, however, they seem to make a bit of sense. One seemingly nonsensical theory states that Kevin McCallister of the Home Alone movies grew up to be John Kramer, the particularly sadistic killer known as Jigsaw … Continued


Anderson Cooper’s Reaction To Drinking A Tequila Shot Is Honestly All Of Us

Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, has been the co-host of CNN’s New Years Eve Live since 2002. The special runs from 8 p.m. EST on December 31 to just after 1 a.m. on January 1. It covers the New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York’s Time Square, as well as having correspondents visit … Continued


David And Victoria Beckham Share Adorable Family Photo To Ring In The New Year

David and Victoria Beckham are no strangers to the spotlight. David is a retired professional soccer player and model, as well as the owner of Inter Miami CF (Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami), a professional soccer team based in Miami, Florida. Victoria, formerly known as Posh Spice of Spice Girls fame, is a fashion designer, … Continued

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Amazon Sends Customer A Bizarre Picture Of Their Package Being Delivered—And We’re Shaking Our Heads ????

Delivery of Amazon packages can get a little dicey, even when someone doesn’t decide to wander off with it before you take it in the house. Parcels can end up damaged, in weird places like the bushes or thrown vaguely over a fence, or just delivered to a random house that isn’t yours. If you … Continued