Photo Capturing The Moment Jonah Hill Dropped His Coffee Inspires Impressive Artwork

If you’re an A-list celebrity, someone is taking photos of you all the time, no matter where you are. The obvious downside to this situation is the lack of privacy. The upside, however, is that beautiful moments such as this viral shot of Jonah Hill dropping his coffee can live on forever. The greatest timed … Continued


Gillian Anderson Says She’s ‘Falling In Love’ With Margaret Thatcher After Being Cast As Her In ‘The Crown’—And Fans Are Conflicted

Gillian Anderson, best known for her work as Dana Scully on the X-Files, has been cast to play UK conservative (lower case “c” for the right leaning ideology) figure Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the hit Netflix series, The Crown. The casting raised some eyebrows, but it’s been Gillian’s comments on playing the role that … Continued


Azealia Banks Slams Lizzo As A ‘Millennial Mammy’ For White People In Instagram Rant

Lizzo is currently the queen of confidence boosting jams, DNA tests and being 100% that b*tch. The rest of us can manage like 65% at best. Lizzo made history as one of only five black women to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this decade. Her concerts are selling out left and right. She’s … Continued


Strong Breeze Turns Ivanka Trump’s Dress Into A Fashion Blunder—And Twitter Isn’t Holding Back

Great. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about nowadays, Ivanka Trump is apparently some kind of shape-shifter—at least, that’s the impression her recent visit to Colombia has left. Princess, er, Presidential Adviser Trump recently visited the South American country for absolutely no valid reason because she has no business handling issues of state … Continued


Jessica Biel Shares Her Throwback Screen Test For ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, And Husband Justin Timberlake Is Impressed

Jessica Biel just slayed Throwback Thursday with a post of her terror-ific performance from an old screen test. The 37-year-old actress shared footage of her full out emotional smackdown on Instagram and asked followers to guess what movie she was spilling her guts for. She gave an obvious clue. “Baby mid-screentest. Guess the movie. Hint: … Continued


The New Host Of ‘Blues Clues’ Says He’s Flattered By All The People Thirsting Over Him, But ‘It Is A Little Weird’

Do you think Steve or Joe ever had to deal with this? Josh Dela Cruz, the host of Nick Nick Jr.’s reboot of Blue’s Clues, is kind of a lil’ cutie. The show was on the air from 1996-2006. Now a new generation will get to solve problems with Blue and her human companion. Cruz shared the … Continued


Aaron Carter Says He’s Mentally Stable Now But Needs An Assault Rifle To Protect Himself From Crazy Fans

Nineties pop and hip hop singer Aaron Carter recently boasted about getting a license to carry a gun after passing his background check. On his celebratory Instagram post, he stated that he fully supports the constitution and the right to bear arms. View this post on Instagram I finally got my gun license! I fully … Continued


Jonathan Van Ness And Sophie Turner Met For The First Time At The VMAs And Talked Smack About The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ending

Hardcore fans of Netflix’s new edition of Queer Eyewill know that the show’s resident hairstylist, Jonathan Van Ness, got his start in hilarious viral videos recapping episodes of Game of Thrones. Never saw one? Watch it here. So it goes without saying that JVN can’t get enough of Sansa Stark and the actress who plays … Continued


Serena Williams’ Husband Throws Shade At Maria Sharapova By Wearing D.A.R.E. Shirt To Their Match

Men of the world, if you’re looking for a master class in how to be a supportive–and deeply, deeply shady–partner, here it is. Serena Williams‘s spouse (oh and also Reddit founder, but can we all agree the former is the bigger accomplishment?) Alexis Ohanian has set the internet on fire for the way he chose … Continued


Tomi Lahren’s New Patriotic ‘Freedom’ Clothing Line Ironically Made In China

Great news, everyone! Tomi Lahren, conservative political pundit and famously fashionable internet presence has just announced she’s releasing a new clothing line entitled…wait for it… “Freedom“! Designed by Lahren herself, with a patriotic design featuring stars and stripes, the new clothes should be a perfect embodiment of the American spirit, which Lahren has long advocated. … Continued


Ryan Reynolds Trolls Blake Lively On Her Birthday By Sharing Unflattering Pictures Of Her On Instagram

Stars: they’re just like us! Including trolling each other on their birthdays. That is, if they’re Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, at least. They’ve developed a sort of tradition of trolling each other on Instagram on their birthdays. Such as this unflattering shot of Blake on the set of a movie that Ryan captioned “#nofilter.” … Continued


Christina Hendricks Shares That She Was On The Poster For ‘American Beauty’, And Fans Had No Idea

When you think Christina Hendricks, you think Mad Men, right? Hendricks portrayed Joan Holloway on the critically acclaimed TV show for all seven seasons. We remember her for amazing moments like this: But then we say American Beauty, and you don’t think of Christina Hendricks, right? As well you shouldn’t, because she wasn’t technically in the movie. There … Continued