JK Rowling Reveals The 5 Things It Would Take To Summon Her—And Trump’s Not Gonna Be Happy 😂

Good news: it turns out meeting JK Rowling is relatively easy! 

Celebrities typically seem pretty remote—after all, that’s part of what makes them celebrities in the first place, right? For most of us, actually meeting our faves is a long-shot at best. But what if all it took was a bit of magic? For fans of writer JK Rowling, the magic spell to summon her couldn’t be easier, with simple ingredients like gum and a pen. But in true Rowling fashion, the one key component involves trolling Donald Trump. Always on-brand, that JK!

It all started when Twitter user @hwhittenwrites started a viral trend by sharing the five items wizards and witches could use to summon her:

The tweet quickly went viral, spawning scores of inventive salt circle recipes from other users:

And speaking of Harry Potter…

The trend eventually made its way to the series’ creator, JK Rowling. And as something of an authority on magic, Rowling couldn’t resist sharing her own salt circle summon spell—and she upped the ante! Starting out similarly to other users’ candles and chai tea, Rowling named four delightful, everyday things. But the fifth item took a hard left into scorched-earth territory when she named one very unique and, shall we say, extremely renewable resource!

Oh snap! Of course, Rowling’s fans on Twitter mainly focused on that last one, and were delighted:

Of course, this is just the latest of Rowling’s trolls of the president. She’s no stranger to poking fun at Trump on his favorite platform, from straight-up parody… 

…to more obscure, literary deep-cut mockery: 

At this point, she’s basically a one-woman Donald Trump roast, to the delight of fans far and wide. 

Hear, hear!

H/T Mashable, HuffingtonPost