Ryan Reynolds Just Came For Paddington Bear On Twitter—And The Feud Is Officially On 😮

Whoa! Let’s keep it respectful, Reynolds! 

As a lifelong fan of The Real Housewives franchise, I love a good celebrity catfight more than I love… well, anything really. And when it comes to witty, acerbic wisecracks, nobody does them better than Ryan Reynolds.

But THIS… well, this is an outrage!

The People’s Choice Awards nominations were recently announced, and Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 was nominated for Action Movie of 2018. But that wasn’t enough for Reynolds. He’s gunning for Family Film too. And that’s where things got ugly.

Excuse you, Reynolds? We’d expect this sort of greed from Hollywood, but Paddington is a literal teddy bear who can talk and feel and eat marmalade and ended up waylaid in London after leaving his home in Peru. He’s just trying to move forward and make the most of his new life, and you want to come for his neck like this?! Did we criticize YOU for Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place? How about a little empathy!

I’m not alone in my outrage.

The clapbacks started with Paddington himself, who made it clear out the gate he was not going to just let some entitled movie star denigrate him on the international stage:

He was followed by Paddington’s co-star, Hugh Bonneville:

And soon, the internet lined up to rally behind Paddington:

But this being the internet, there was no shortage of other cruel-hearted people rallying to Reynolds’s indefensible defense:

But they were far outnumbered by those who know the REAL star:

Reynolds can talk all the trash he wants, but one thing is undeniable:

So stick that in your rubber suit and smoke it, or whatever, Ryan!

H/T: Mashable, HuffingtonPost