Elon Musk Makes Prediction About Our Universe That Is Straight Out Of ‘The Matrix’

None of this is real.

At least that’s what Tesla founder Elon Musk thinks is probably the case, and he’s got a frighteningly good point, which he relayed on the Joe Rogan podcast.

As our own civilization has demonstrated, it’s practically inevitable that—at least on a technological level—we’re constantly improving. Musk argued that advanced civilizations could hone games that are indiscernible from reality, even to the game pieces: us. Musk refers to these games as “simulations.”

Because improvement is inevitable, it’s more likely that we are products of a simulation that feels real, created by humans millions of years ahead of us.

Some Twitter users looked at the silver linings.

Others were perplexed.

Simulation or not, however, you still have to go to work tomorrow.

H/T: Space, AOL