Julia Roberts Had A Clever Correction For An Instagram Troll Who Tried To Diss Her 👏

We’re starting to think that maybe actress Julia Roberts is taking social media lessons from the Queen of the Twitter comeback author J.K.Rolling.

Not that long ago, Roberts, who starred in such classics as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich and Notting Hill, told Entertainment Tonight why she stays away from social media and television. In a 2016 interview she said:

Listen, I don’t have my head in the sand. I’m aware of the different outlets, however you label them. It’s like people talking about a TV show — I can be perfectly aware of the TV show and the story, but it doesn’t mean I watch it.

I have other friends who watch it, and they tell me about it. I mean, we were talking about Instagram. Everyone has Instagram on their phone. And I just, yeah, [if I had it] I would be looking at it all the time.

Well, that was then and this is now. Roberts joined Instagram in July and she’s already learning the subtle art of schooling trolls.  The original post started off innocently enough with Instagram user  thevintagecostumecollector posting a side-by-side of Roberts with legendary Mommy Dearest Joan Crawford and comparing the style of their dresses. It was very sweet and flattering.

Who wore it better! I always like to find the glamour of classic Hollywood when I can. Over the weekend Julia Roberts looked stunning in this gorgeous full length gown designed by Dsquared2 and in a little way has brought back the shoulder pad to the red carpet at the Toronto film festival. I love it. Full length stylish classic elegance. ❤️ 

But then along came some jerk who commented:

Joan Crawford looks way better in my opinion more classic and refined and Julia is wearing ugly black nail polish!

The person never thought in a million years that the pretty woman herself would come back with this:

It is in fact a navy polish with garnets crystals as a grounding accent. In case you would like to edit your comment from ‘ugly black nail polish’ to ugly navy polish with Garnet crystals. Just sayin’ . 

Everyone should know you don’t mess with America’s Sweetheart.

H/T: Huffington Post, USA Today