Blake Lively And A Reporter Had A Humorous Misunderstanding About Her Boobs

Blake Lively hit the talk show circuit this week to promote her new movie A Simple Favor with Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Henry Golding (Crazy Rich Asians) and shared a scandalous misunderstanding from the red carpet premiere.

Chatting with Jimmy Fallon last night on The Tonight Show, Lively broke down the miscommunication with a reporter who had been complimenting her “tweets.”

Lively, who was mortified to realize that the men’s shirt she was wearing (as part of an entire men’s suit) became see-through under flash photography, revealed that what she heard was something else entirely:

 You know when you’re freaking out about something and you know that’s all anyone else is seeing? You know, you’re aware of it, so everything everyone says is, like, pointing out this thing you’re paranoid about, that no one’s really noticing.

She went on to say that what she thought the male reporter shouted was “your tits are amazing.”

I’m like, wait excuse me? And he’s like, ‘your tits are amazing!’ And I’m like are we saying that? Is this…have you been on Google in the past year? Like, this is not okay.

After some confusion, Lively says the man finally added a sentence that helped her clarify his comment: 

And he’s like ‘And your husband’s tweets are even better!’ I’m like, ‘Oh, tweets! Twitter! My tweets are amazing! Tweets!’ It was like, oh my gosh. I was so relieved it was about my mind, and then after I was like, ‘But how are my…How are they?’

But Lively tells it better than we ever could . . . 

Well, since Lively asked . . .

But there are always the critics—some weren’t buying Lively’s story that she didn’t know the shirt was see-thru, while others hated her hair (*though they still seemed to love her)…

…and they had a problem with Fallon being in some way “fake” . . .

…and the “dead audience…”

Overall though, most people just enjoyed how lively the lovely actress makes every interview…

…and her hubby, Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds:

This one sums it up best:

H/T: Cosmopolitan, YouTube