Taylor Swift Drags Ed Sheeran For Struggling During Cardio While She Is Also Clearly Struggling 😂

Easily one of the best parts of being someone’s bestie is getting to ruthlessly mock them for stuff. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are really, really, good at it when it comes to one another.

Taylor’s Instagram was cleared for her Reputation tour, but in the past it’s been filled with adorable little pot-shots at Sheeran. Like this pic, which she captioned calling the outfit Ed’s best look ever: 

Or this video where she calls him out on making sure he seems taller than she is. 

Knowing the two have a history of messing with each other, it’s no real surprise that they’re at it yet again. Both of them were nominated in the same category for an AMA and shared the news with the world while on a little hike. They’re both pretty convinced Drake will win, but that’s not the important part right now. The important part is Taylor huffing and puffing her way up the hill, clearly struggling, but finding the strength of snark down in her soul to pick on Ed because he’s struggling.

She first asks him “You okay bro?” and he does what any best friend would do; smirks and flicks her off. Ed then takes over and the pair talk about the AMA nominations, where they decide Drake’s going to win. Taylor takes over again and we get the cutest exchange of loving words between the two. As they trudge along, Taylor asks:

“It’s called exercise, have you ever done cardio before?”

Ed huffs a quintessentially British response of “Eh, now and then.”

To which Taylor breathlessly quips “Strumming a guitar doesn’t count.”

It doesn’t matter that she’s struggling; it’s right there in the best friends contract that you must pick on one another at every available opportunity. She’s just doing her job, and Twitter loves it. 

They’re adorably awful to one another, and that’s truly best friend goals.

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