We Are All Here For David Beckham And Ryan Reynolds Recent Instagram Flirting 😍

Kittens are cute. Puppies are adorable.

But there is nothing cuter than the bromance blossoming between two of the world’s biggest heartthrobs.

Englishman David Beckham’s legendary career as a world renowned footballer shot him to fame. Marrying a Spice Girl, Posh Spice Victoria, and co-producing four equally attractive children did not hurt his fame either.

And after a career of mostly rom-coms and unforgettably awful comic book roles (not even Reynolds wants to remember the first time he played Deadpool in 2009 or Green Lantern), Canadian Ryan Reynolds’ performance as the title character of Marvel’s Deadpool franchise endeared him to audiences everywhere.

As tends to happen, game recognized game.Β 

It seems like the two hit it off quite well, having filmed a hilarious trailer for Reynolds’ film Deadpool 2 in the past.

If you never saw the trailer, here it is:

It’s clear the two had chemistry.

And now their relationship has gone from bromance to romance with some straight up adorable Instagram flirting.

It began with Ryan Reynolds posting this one set photo to Instagram.

To which Beckham (davidbeckham) responded to Reynolds (vancityreynolds) with:

We know, David.

We’re amazed by it too.

And so were other Instagram users.Β 

More than a few pointed out that David Beckham knows a few things about being handsome.

News of Beckham swooning over Reynolds transcended just one social media platform.

Soon it spread to Twitter.

While the two remain committed to their talented and gorgeous wives, the world cannot help but ship these hunks and their mutual adoration.

H/T: Indy100, PinkNews