Stephen King Has An Idea For An Innovative Car That We Can Totally Get Behind

Anyone who follows Stephen King on Twitter knows that the master of the macabre has no shortage of novel ideas (ba-dum-bum).

His latest musing was tweeted out on Sunday and details his vision for an innovative car he’d like to have—and it has nothing to do with Christine, From a Buick 8, or any of the vehicles featured in his short story “Trucks” (film adaptation: Maximum Overdrive).  

No, King’s idea had more in common with the “horse of a different color” from the Wizard of Oz.

Here’s his tweet:

Fans were excited about the idea and quickly started clamoring for him to incorporate the idea into a story:  

The obligatory Christine references:

There were a few hapless commenters who agreed they’d settle for much less than King’s mood ring car:

Others were shocked by some of the emotions King admitted to: 

Perhaps King’s dream of owning a mood ring car was inspired by this 2014 hoax video that supposedly shows a car using a new technology called “paramagnetic paint” which they say allows the driver to change the car’s color by adjusting voltage sent throughout its body.

 . . . or from Peugeot’s 2012 April Fool’s Day joke ad.

These Twitter users seem to have the right idea:

Basically he wants this, but in a car:

H/T: Mashable, Twitter