Watch Hillary Clinton’s Surprise Cameo In ‘Murphy Brown’ Premiere

In the time we are living in, we are likely all looking back and thinking, “Wow, I miss Hillary Clinton.”  Well, fear no more.

In its first new episode in over twenty years, ‘Murphy Brown’ brought in a special guest star who was applying for a new secretarial position.

Hillary introduced herself as “Hilary Clendon,” and her name is spelt with one “l”.

“I assume you have previous secretarial experience?” Candice Bergen’s Brown asks.

“I was the secretary of a….very large organization,” says ‘Clendon,’ in a clear reference to her position as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.

“Ah yes, I do have some experience with emails,” continued Clinton.  

And best of all, she leaves Murphy (and the audience) with a REALLY poignant message at the end.  But we won’t spoil that…you’ll have to watch that for yourself.

Come back, Hillary.  Please.  You’re our only hope.

H/T: HuffPost, Twitter