Someone Yelled “You Better Get That Oscar, B*tch!” At Lady Gaga—And We’re Dead 💀🙌

Lady Gaga’s movie A Star is Born will hit theaters next week, and she recently attended the Los Angeles premiere. Gaga was swamped with crazed fans, but one in particular took the cake.


Twitter user @oviaf looked sharp while attending the premiere, and didn’t miss his opportunity to cheer on Gaga while she signed autographs.  In the 11 second clip, he screams out:

“You Better Get That Oscar, Bitch!”

Charming! Twitter was totally cracking up:

Looks like Lady Gaga also enjoyed the UK premiere alongside co-star Bradley Cooper:

She’s also released a touching duet from the movie. Nice!

Let’s check-in with Gaga fans; they seem juiced:

Usually, it’s not the best idea to scream at a woman and call her a b*tch in public. In this context, however, it’s a celebration. Enjoy the film, Gaga fans!

H/T: Buzzfeed, Washington Post