Hillary Clinton Just Recieved The ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Treatment And Now We Can’t Breathe πŸ˜‚

Did you hear that crazy story about Hillary and Bill Clinton buying a bag of locusts at the grocery store? I heard it straight from Hillary’s mouth…in the video below.

Looks like it’s Hillary’s turn for a Bad Lip Reading:

The hilarious team at Bad Lip Reading, best known for their NFL videos, released this amusing compilation last week. It features some classic lines, including Hillary claiming that she “swiped left” on Tinder because a potential match looked like a “Shanghai gremlin.”

Hillary’s still controversial, but this video brought both sides together in laughter:

Of course, a few nasty trolls couldn’t help but reflexively bash Hillary:

Twitter and Facebook users pointed out an excellent subject for Bad Lip Reading’s next video:

All political nastiness aside, this video is super funnyΒ and yet another win for Bad Lip Reading. Before you ask β€” yes, they’ve made several videos about Trump. Though, to tell the truth, could anything they dub over Trump’s voice be as ridiculous as the real thing?

H/T: Huffington Post, Bad Lip Reading