Gina Rodriguez’s Sisters Convinced Her The Mailman Was Her Real Dad When She Was 8 😂

Here is an adorable childhood photo of Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez:

Too cute, right? The man in the middle of the photo is her father, Genaro. But for a while during her childhood, the actress had her doubts…

Rodriguez appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and touched on a few childhood memories, including the time her sisters convinced her that her father wasn’t actually her father.

“I don’t look like my sisters, and I don’t really look like my parents – we don’t have strong genes.”

Who was her real father then? Well, according to her sisters, it was the mailman:

“But I looked like this mailman. And my sisters told me that that was my real daddy.”

Yeah. Talk about cruel! The producer, director, writer, model, and rapper actually wrote secret letters to the mailman:

“I see you [the mailman] coming by, and I think about all the stories you didn’t tell me.”

Rodriguez admits that she believed this for several weeks.

But of course, then and now, she and her real dad are inseparable: 

How cute are these two? #DaddyDaughterGoals.

Rodriguez inspired others to share similar stories from childhood:

Based on these tales, for once I’m glad I didn’t have siblings.

The actress has another important man in her life – as she is recently engaged! Boyfriend Joe LoCicero proposed back in August:

“I am [engaged]! He’s the best. He’s the f—- best. We’ve been engaged for like a month — I’ve kept it a secret for a while.”

Fans were delighted:

Rodriguez met her future hubby on-set of Jane the Virgin in 2016. LoCicero played a stripper – and the two of them began dating not long afterward!

Iconic. LoCicero is surprisingly involved in the wedding planning process:

“He has an opinion, so that’s good. He’s not just like a do-whatever. He has an opinion.”

And that might be a good thing…because if it was up to Rodriguez, she would have no part of it:

“I have a great mother-in-law that I’m hoping will do the whole thing for me.”

Based on how busy she is, and how stressful wedding planning can be, no one can blame her.

When the special day does come, no doubt her father – and maybe even the mailman – will be there to celebrate.

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