Stephen Colbert Just Laid The Smack Down On Brett Kavanaugh With One Simple Question 🔥

Stephen Colbert has made no effort to hide his disdain of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, in a recent segment on The Late Show, the famously anti-Trump host decided to tear into Kavanaugh following his hearing where the justice vehemently denied not only that he was guilty of sexual molestation, but also that he had never drank to the point of blacking out.

Colbert’s question was simple:

If he’s so damn smart, why’s he so dumb?

Colbert elaborated, questioning why a man who claims to be innocent of all the accusations brought against him would proceed to lie about so many easily provable falsehoods. During his testimony, Kavanaugh claimed he had never been blackout drunk despite multiple friends from college coming forward to describe instances where he was demonstrably so, including one anecdote where Kavanaugh allegedly started a bar fight following a UB40 concert.

Colbert’s fans received some much needed laughter from the segment:

Other clearly false claims made by Kavanaugh before and during his testimony include how much research was done by Donald Trump before the president decided to nominate him, the crime rate in his hometown, and incorrect definitions of “Devil’s Triangle,” “boofing,” “ralphing.”

A smart judge like Kavanaugh ought to know lies like these won’t fly on Twitter…

Thanks for making us laugh during a very frustrating week, Colbert—we’re all listening to UB40 in your honor!

H/T – Huffpost, GQ