John Mulaney Has A Guess At Why Top Comedians No Longer Perform At Colleges

During an interview with Vulture, comedian John Mulaney was recently asked about whether he would perform at college campuses, which used to be an old standby for standups. Other comedians, such as Bill Maher, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld have decided against performing at these venues saying that the “PC culture” makes it too hard to do their job in those environments.

But John Mulaney feels that a different issue may be the real one at play…

“You see people who are college age at clubs and theaters. Can I say something honestly? They don’t do colleges because their fees are too high for colleges to afford.”

Of course, the reality could be a little bit of both. Mulaney recently won an Emmy for his comedy special Kid Gorgeous.

People loved the special.


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You can catch the special on Netflix now!

H/T: Vulture, Twitter, Huffington Post