Katy Perry Has Bad News For Her Fans After Her Current Tour Ends

Katy Perry has accomplished a lot in the past decade. She has three platinum bestselling albums, four concert tours, dozens of top ten and number one singles, a popular documentary about the sold-out California Dreams tour, and more.

Now, she is taking a break from music to focus on her mental health, relationship, and shoe collection. 

Witness: The Tour concluded in August 2018. Perry revealed she was going to take a hiatus from music ‰ÛÒ at least for now:

I‰Ûªve been on the road for like 10 years, so I‰Ûªm just going to chill. I‰Ûªm not going to go straight into making another record.

Chilling and doing nothing for a while sounds much-deserved after a decade of non-stop recording, singing, and touring.

She spoke about past accomplishments during a cover feature interview with Footwear News:

I feel like I‰Ûªve done a lot. I feel like I‰Ûªve rung the bell of being a pop star very loudly, and I‰Ûªm very grateful for that.

The “Chained to the Rhythm” singer and songwriter said she wanted to become a singer since she was nine and, although she has mastered her craft, she no longer feels the need to prove herself or her worth as an artist.

Perry said:

I love making music, I love writing. But I don‰Ûªt feel like I‰Ûªm a part of a game anymore. I just feel like I‰Ûªm an artist. I don‰Ûªt feel like I have to prove anything, which is a freeing feeling.

She may not be releasing an album right now, or in the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean it will never happen.

Still, some fans are devastated that she won’t be releasing a new album soon.

But others are delighted that she is taking this time to focus on things other than music.

Everyone ‰ÛÒ including famous pop singers ‰ÛÒ needs time to focus on themselves.

The 33-year-old has more than 16 million monthly listeners on Spotify, with one of her most popular songs, “Dark Horse,” being streamed more than 549 million times.

Despite taking a break from music, she is still one of the most popular artists around.

Perry is now taking some time to focus more on shoes.

The Katy Perry Footwear Collection, that is. She launched the collection in Spring 2017, and designs each one based on life experiences such as travels, good friends, and things she is passionate about.

Many are colorful and fun, synonymous with the albums, ensembles, and public image Perry has become known for.

She is also focusing on mental health and her relationship with Orlando Bloom:

My boyfriend [Orlando Bloom] is a great anchor. For some reason, I attract people who are really real and call me out on stuff when I‰Ûªm being cuckoo.

So sweet! Here is to a long, well-deserved break from everything, Katy.

H / T – Billboard, Fox News, AXS