‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Has Cast A New Love Interest For Meredith‰ And Fans Have Lots Of Feelings About It

The word is out that Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy will have a new love interest this season‰ and fans are making their feelings known.

On tonight’s (October 11th) episode of the popular medical drama, Grey will go on a blind date with a special guest star‰ÛÓHow I Met Your Mother’s Josh Radnor, who played Ted Mosby on the sitcom.

But to say this news has received a lukewarm reception would be putting it mildly. Apparently, when it comes to who their favorite TV characters date, people’s opinions run strong.

Some just laughed:

While others suggested who they’d rather see as Meredith’s new beau:

Others were shocked, or, in one instance, completely repulsed:

Spinoff anyone?

Tune into ABC tonight to see how the date plays out.

H/T: Twitter, Daily Mail