This Video Of Taran Killam Reacting To Cardi B’s AMA Performance Is Now A Hilarious Meme

Cardi B. slayed her performance of “I Like It” at the American Music Awards earlier this month, but one viewer was especially living for it.

Former Saturday Night Live star Taran Killam’s reaction to the spectacle of the performance is giving people life. 

Killam and his wife were there to present one of the awards, but Killam’s stunned face was award-worthy itself.

The moment came near the end of the performance which, in addition to star Cardi B., featured J. Balvin and Bad Bunny.

With swirling colors and wild choreography, it was a constant candy factory of visual delight.

Now, Twitter users everywhere are loving Killam’s reaction.

Others are searching for answers.

Clearly they did not watch the AMAs or they would know.

While Cardi B.’s talent is quite literally jaw-dropping…

…it was Killam and his amazement that almost stole the show.

And of course he has been given the gif treatment.

Next time you need a reaction to something that blows your mind, you can “Killam.”

H/T: TIME, PopSugar