Lin-Manuel Miranda Reveals The ‘Hamilton’ Song Lyric That Had UK Audiences Giggling 😂

On Tuesday, October 16, Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about many things, including taking his hit Broadway show Hamilton to the U.K. for a series of performances. He noted that there are several differences between American and British audiences, which cause our friends across the pond to laugh at one line that U.S. audiences absolutely never find funny.

Miranda let Colbert in on a secret about audiences in England:

“They are super hung-up about sex, they giggle at sex stuff.”

There’s one line in particular, during the song “Wait For It,” that always gets laughs from the Brits. A character sings about “keeping the bed warm while her husband is away,” which has “never gotten a reaction in the U.S. before.” But, according to Miranda, the line is absolute fire in England:

“…when they sing that in London, people are like, ‘Wooo. It’s super Eric Idle, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.’ It’s really funny.”

Twitter found the difference in culture pretty amusing!

Hamilton’s U.K. run has been surprisingly successful considering it’s largely about the U.S. splitting with their former ruling nation.

Perhaps Miranda’s vision of U.S. history will remind England of an America slightly more idealistic than what they’ve had to deal with lately.

No matter the reasons, it’s pretty clear people in England love Hamilton nearly as much as people in the U.S.

England should certainly be glad they’re getting the genuine article and not a cheap fan-written knock-off.

There are many floating around the internet and they’re…not great.

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The world can’t be so bad when you’re talking Hamilton.

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