‘They Work For Us’: Jennifer Lawrence Has A Strong Message For Voters And Politicians In New Video

Jennifer Lawrence is telling voters to be sure they aren’t being tricked when they show up to vote on November 6.

In 2008, Memphis voted to impose term limits on Mayors and City Council members, implemented choice ranking via instant runoff voting, and increased accountability for city politicians.

Now, city officials are trying to overturn all of these policies, and Jennifer Lawrence, a tried and true member of RepresentUS, the largest anti-corruption group in the U.S., is not standing for it.

Lawrence is calling on voters to say no to the following three charter questions:

I. “Shall the Charter of the City of Memphis, Tennessee be amended to provide no person shall be eligible to hold or to be elected to the office of Mayor or Memphis City Council if any such person has served at any time more than three consecutive four-year terms, except that service by persons elected or appointed to fill unexpired four-year term shall not be counted as a full four-year term?”

2. “Shall the Charter of the City of Memphis, Tennessee be amended to repeal Instant Runoff Voting and to restore the election procedure existing prior to the 2008 amendment for all city offices, and expressly retaining the 1991 federal ruling for persons elected to the Memphis City Council single districts?”

3. “Shall the Charter of the City of Memphis, Tennessee be amended to provide that in any municipal election held as required by law, the candidate receiving the largest number of votes shall be declared the winner, thereby eliminating run-off elections?”

“Tell the politicians they work for us.”

The internet is reacting to Lawrence’s message.

Lawrence has spent this year getting the word out about voting, taking a break from appearing on stage and screen.

She told CBS This Morning:

“I got involved because I don’t want to be disgusted by my country’s politics.” 

Lawrence also appeared in a video for Colorado voters, encouraging them to vote “Yes” on amendments Y & Z, which would prevent politicians from drawing district maps and picking their own voters.

Her message was well-received:

And in another video for Michigan, once again warning against the dangers of gerrymandering.

The polls open November 6. The country is counting on you, voters, to keep America by the people, for the people.

H/T: IVN, Twitter