Mark Ruffalo Just Memed Paul Rudd To Encourage People To Vote—And It’s Honestly The Best 😂

As the midterm elections continue to inch closer, efforts to get out the vote are ramping up.

And during important elections like this one, some people are willing to do whatever it takes to get voters into booths, even if that means turning your friend and co-worker into an internet meme.

When he’s not Hulking out, actor Mark Ruffalo is a busy political activist, speaking out on causes like climate change, reproductive choice, and LGBTQ rights. Like many, Ruffalo believes the upcoming elections will be a critical turning point for the country, so he’s doing everything he can to encourage people to get out and vote, including turning his Marvel co-star Paul Rudd (Ant-Man) into an internet meme.

With a bit of tweaking, Ruffalo turned his old “Is that Paul Rudd?” moment into a perfect political meme. And to help encourage voter turnout, Ruffalo teamed up with March For Our Lives.

“We must get as many people to the polls as possible,” he wrote on Twitter below the image of him and Rudd.

“Sorry to meme you, Paul,” Ruffalo said. “Unless you aren’t planning on voting. Then DM me, thanks.”

It may have been at Paul Rudd’s expense, but fans got a good laugh out of the meme. 

Rudd hasn’t yet responded, so he might not have found it as funny as everyone else. 

It was likely all worth it, as Ruffalo’s message about the importance of voting seemed to deliver.

Come November 6, fans can do their part by heading to the polls — and bringing as many voters with them as possible. 

H/T – HuffPost, Comic Book