Chidi From ‘The Good Place’ Took Off His Shirt—And The Internet Didn’t Realize How Thirsty It Was 😮

Chidi let his freak flag fly— and fans were there for it!

The character of Chidi Adagonye on NBC‘s The Good Place is the sort of moral center of the show. As the resident moral philosophy professor, Chidi is the one who teaches the rest of the goofball losers the concepts of right and wrong, albeit through an often exhaustive expository process that includes quoting well-known philosophers and showing his deep disapproval for the rest of the cast’s shenanigans with a literal shake of his head.

Brought to life each week by actor William Jackson Harper, Chidi is nerdy, tortured, and perpetually uptight—which is why it comes as no surprise that he finally loses his “shirt” in an existential crisis on the show’s latest episode.

What was surprising, however, is that his loss (*the loss of his shirt) was OUR gain—Did you see THOSE abs?!

And even though Jackson Harper had fretted about this moment beforehand, telling a reporter at The Undefeated, when asked about potentially becoming a sex symbol . . .  

  I did work out and I did diet, but that was only so I could keep my body as neutral as possible . . . But I was trying to make my body so there will be no comments whatsoever. Honestly, that frightens me a little bit. I hope it’s not like, ‘Oh, snap, what’s happening underneath that shirt is not right.’ That’s what I’m a little afraid of.

  . . .  when Chidi lost his shirt, the internet lit up in full appreciation:

But hardcore Stans of the show weren’t surprised—they knew it to be true all along:

Finally! An episode where Chidi gives zero forks . . . though, he does have a spoonful or two of that awful chili.

H/T: Twitter, YouTube