Cardi B Just Made An ASMR Video—And The Internet Is Not Okurrrrrrr ????

This world can be an awfully dark place. That’s why we need rays of sunshine like Cardi B, and she’s lighting up the internet with an ASMR-style interview recently published by W Magazine.

In the clip below, Cardi B speaks in soothing, soft tones and strokes a fluffy rug while purring sensually.

If you’re unaware, ASMR stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response” and it’s described as a “calming, pleasurable feeling often accompanied by a tingling sensation.”

At one point in the video, Cardi B strokes her microphone with the fluffy rug, combining sounds to create a hilarious (yet soothing) ASMR experience for listeners.

Twitter melted at the sound of her sensual tones.

The interview introduced some folks to ASMR, and their minds were BLOWN.

ASMR fans seemed to enjoy the video, and tried to clarify a few things.

Apparently Cardi B loves ASMR, and now fans want MORE.

Like peanut butter and jelly, some things just go perfectly together. Apparently, Cardi B and ASMR is one of those special combinations.

Though she’s busy being a new mom and a rap superstar, we hope Cardi B can record more ASMR-style segments in the future. Come to think of it, this could be an awesome concept for her next album!

H/T: Mashable, Vulture