‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Just Got Married—And He Towers Over His New Bride ????

Hafþór Björnsson just got married! The Game of Thrones actor and famously gigantic man also known as “The Mountain” tied the knot this past weekend, and the internet is cracking up at the height difference between Mr. and Mrs. Mountain.

Here’s an epic shot from their wedding day. But something’s strange…

Björnsson could be an NBA player at 6′ 9″, but his new wife is just 5′ 2″. And that’s okay! People of all shapes, heights, and sizes can love interchangeably.

But still, their drastic difference is undeniably funny!

Twitter made some jokes, not all of which are entirely appropriate.

People had lots of questions…

And most are totally supportive of the unique couple.

Despite her smaller stature, Kelsey Henson enjoys the gym as much as her muscle-man husband.

Let’s check out more adorable pictures of the happy couple!

It’s heartwarming to see Hafþór and Kelsey together! Make sure to follow them on Instagram to see what marriage with a real-life giant is like. We wish the newlyweds the best!

H/T: Jezebel, Insider