Ana Navarro’s Response To Caitlyn Jenner’s Tweet Saying ‘Trans People Won’t Be Erased’ Is Too Accurate

Caitlyn Jenner will go down as the biggest blood traitor in history.

Jenner voiced her support in 2016 for Donald Trump, saying he was “better for the LGBT community and women than any Democrat,” despite numerous problematic promises and a notoriously anti-LGBT running mate.

Since then, she’s changed her tune.

But the sympathy reserves are dry, because, well… WE TOLD YOU SO.

Even fellow Republicans told Caitlyn Jenner so.

Ana Navarro, a Republican commentator for CNN, has been vehemently anti-Donald Trump since his campaign started.  In fact, she even voted for Hillary Clinton—despite being a life-long Republican.

Navarro responded to Caitlyn Jenner’s tweet the way we all wish we could respond to everything she says all the time:

And the internet was inspired to speak up in return.

Most Democrats and left-leaning individuals saw this disaster storm coming from years away.  Caitlyn Jenner was, in fact, blindsided.

Jenner has said out loud that she certainly will “not” vote for Trump again.

But is it too little, too late?

The thing is, there is no room now for talk.  Donald Trump’s administration is currently eyeing changing the definition of gender to completely delegitimize transgender individuals.

The fight is on.

Will you be there to fight with your trans brothers and sisters?

H/T: Independent, Twitter