Police On The Lookout For Thief Who Looks A Lot Like Ross From ‘Friends’ ????

An alleged thief in Blackpool, UK,. bears a striking resemblance to Ross from the TV show Friends, a.k.a. David Schwimmer—and Twitter is taking full advantage of the humor in the situation.

Accused of stealing beer from a restaurant on September 20, the Blackpool Police posted a photo of the suspected criminal on Facebook yesterday and commenters quickly zeroed in on the man’s uncanny similarity to the 51-year-old actor—a David Schwimmer doppelgänger.

In fact, the Blackpool Police thought the two looked enough alike that they checked Schwimmer’s whereabouts on the night in question, in order to rule him out.

They wrote on Facebook:

“Thank you to everyone for your speedy responses. We have investigated this matter thoroughly and have confirmed that David Schwimmer was in America on this date. We’re so sorry it has to be this way.” 

Here’s their original inquiry on Facebook:

Blackpool Police/Facebook


It didn’t take long for the story to land on Twitter where it took on a life of its own:

The Friends references came flooding in:

One better:


Twitter users Tomy Pereira and “James” reminded us that Ross already has a doppelgänger (on the show):


The comments made people’s day:

One Twitter user did express concern that the whole thing could result in copycat crimes from Schwimmer’s fans:

As Twitter user Doggy pointed out, this isn’t the first time:

But best of all by far, is that David Schwimmer himself got in on the laughs, posting this hilarious tweet:

And commenters were shook:

On a different note, this commenter believes the man may actually be her missing brother.

Fingers crossed that this story has a happy ending: 

If you have any information regarding the suspect, you can reach out to the Blackpool Police via their Facebook.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter, Facebook