Rita Ora Dressed As Post Malone For Halloween—And She Totally Nailed It 🙌

Every Halloween we all look forward to the best looks, and celebrities often offer up the best looks of all. Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party has become legendary for this exact reason.

I mean, how can you get any more epic than this?

Well, singer Rita Ora may be giving Klum a run for her money. This Halloween weekend, she decided to show up as rapper Post Malone.

Luckily, it was recorded for our pleasure.

And we got some epic red carpet views.

She even performed as him.

She went in on the detail.

The costume was put together for the KISS Haunted House Party.

People couldn’t get enough.

Though some thought Ora looked a little more like another famous musician.

While others were thinking of sitcoms.

Maybe she’ll go as Screech next year!

H/T: Twitter