Andy Cohen Says He Needed A Stiff Drink After His Awkward Conversation With Debra Winger 😳

Not all celebrity interviews go as smoothly as planned. On the October 30 episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen was joined by Oscar-nominated actress Debra Winger. When it came time to play “Plead the Fifth,” a regular segment where Cohen asks guests three questions and they can refuse to answer only one, things got very awkward very fast.

In the segment, Cohen asked gossipy questions about Winger’s past in the industry. Winger was clearly not excited to play, and right from the get-go made things pretty awkward. As the game progressed, the Urban Cowboy and Terms of Endearment actress began to pick apart Cohen’s questions instead of answering them.

When Cohen asked about something Winger had written about Shirley MacLaine in her book, Winger shot back:

“No! I didn’t write about her. She wrote about me! Let’s try to get something straight. … I mean, c’mon, it’s rough. It’s hard out here for a chimp.”

The interview became so cringe-worthy, in fact, that Cohen addressed it on Twitter:

According to People, Andy also posted to Instagram, saying in his story:

“Tonight’s show was rough. The team and I are having a cocktail to hash it out. I earned a drink tonight.”

Some people who watched the segment seemed to feel Andy’s discomfort.

Cohen’s fans sent their sympathies, saying the interview was hard to watch.

Among regular Watch What Happens Live viewers, Winger likely lost a few fans.

On the other hand, there were some who enjoyed Winger’s take-no-prisoners attitude.

WWHL fans rallied behind Cohen to make sure he’s emotionally ready for the next show.

Best of luck with the next show, Andy! May it be a little less stressful than your last.

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