A Comedian Imagined ‘The Comeback’s’ Valerie Cherish Auditioning For ‘Rent’ And Lisa Kudrow Responded

Note to self: after a long day at work I do need to see that!

The great thing about Twitter (maybe the only great thing nowadays) is that every now and then, your world collides with that of one of your favorite celebrities. Sometimes you’re in the right digital place at the right digital time, and suddenly your tweet about a former Real Housewife gets retweeted by that very Housewife and for a brief moment your life has meaning! (No? Just me? Ok.)

And THEN, there’s what happened to a certain comedian in Los Angeles.

Tim Murray (@TMurray06 on Twitter) is a huge fan of Lisa Kudrow’s HBO series The Comeback (as am I, so I’ve been hyperventilating about this story all morning). The 2005 “mockumentary” series centers on a character Lisa Kudrow created in her improv days, Valerie Cherish, a washed-up sitcom actress desperate for a comeback who ends up starring in a new sitcom and a reality show called “The Comeback” that documents its production. (HBO’s The Comeback is supposed to be the raw footage of “The Comeback,” got it?) Because Valerie is a very specific combination of earnest, oblivious, insecure and self-absorbed, hilarity, often of the humiliating and heartbreaking variety, ensues.

One of the show’s best scenes features Valerie rehearsing for the sitcom’s pilot–in which she has one single line. But Valerie being Valerie, she can’t help but overwork it for hours and hours while the reality show-within-a-show’s cameras roll, to unintentionally hilarious results:

And that’s where Tim Murray comes in. Tim reimagined the scene as if Valerie were auditioning for FOX’s upcoming live-TV production of the musical Rent, and it is dead-on and hilarious.

So much so that when Tim tweeted the video and tagged Kudrow, she couldn’t help but retweet it!

Tim somehow didn’t spontaneously combust as I would have, and was able to compose himself enough to reply to Kudrow with a gif of the time Valerie Cherish pretends she does yoga to get a magazine cover and is too sore to live afterward and this is all amazing and I can’t breathe.

And lest you think this is only interesting two a random internet fanboy and the fanboy writer fanboying that fanboy, you are wrong: fans of the show lit Twitter up with appreciation:

As far as I’m concerned, this is the best thing to ever happen on the internet and Tim Murray is my new hero. Here’s to you, Tim Murray!

And if you’ve read all this even though you have no idea what The Comeback is, first of all thank you, and second of all you need to go watch it on HBO Go at onece. Right now. Immediately

And I need to know that I’m being heard.

Am I being heard?

H/T IndieWire, Bustle