Sacha Baron Cohen Brought Back Borat To Try To Help Trump In The Midterms 😂

Yesterday, Get Out The Vote teams were on the ground making sure as many people headed to the polls as possible; including Borat. Yes, Sacha Baron Cohen donned Borat’s infamous khaki suit once again to try to convince voters to cast their ballots for the Republicans.

In the video, he states…

“Russia interfere with the presidential election, but now all eyes are on them. So it up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump.”

Borat knocked on doors in Los Angeles to “do election tampering.” He spoke with Trump supporters about immigration, “fake news” and racism. At one point, he enters someone’s home, asks to use the bathroom, and then returns wearing only a towel and holding a toothbrush.

Sacha Baron Cohen posted this photo of himself as Borat after supposedly voting.

This was all part of a bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live, which can be seen below.

People were thrilled to see Borat’s return.

Many couldn’t resist using Borat’s catchphrase.

And most got nostalgic for his old jokes.

Good to have you back, Borat.

H/T: YouTube, Twitter, EW